Team 8-2 News

Mr. Anderson, Mrs. Holloway, Mr. Salser, Ms. Waxman

General News!

Week of March 14th-18th:

Buckle up!...this week is the first week Quarter 4,and the weeks will fly by! ...Summer break will be here before you know it! ...Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, we do still have this last quarter as well as our Georgia Milestones to get through first!

Tomorrow morning the eighth graders will take a trip to the high school to get a better feel for their new home away from home for the next 4 years. They will have a chance to take a tour lead by upper classmen who will also be able to answer some of the questions they may have. In the afternoon we will be at the high school again to meet with you and your child to help make some final decisions about their schedule for next year. Don't forget to double check your appointment time so we can be available for you there.

We gave a quick reminder last week about school supplies, but we still have MANY students who are coming to class daily without the proper supplies for class. Please take a moment to double check with your child that they have adequate pencils, paper, etc.

Upcoming Dates to Remember:

March 16th-Report Cards Home

WOW/ZAP - Just a reminder...There will not be any WOW/ZAP until after Spring Break.

March 15th-High School Registration for 9th Grade 3:30-6:45 Appointment times were sent home with progress reports...If you do not have this, or did not receive one please contact Mr. Burns.

March 18th-Hat Day $1

March 24th-Hoops For Heart Fundraiser- Wrap up

March 28th- April 1st- Spring Break

Language Arts- Ms. Waxman

As we begin this last quarter, I just wanted to remind everyone of the independent reading requirements... The students will continue with TweenTribune, and have one full week to complete either 5 quizzes of their choosing, or as many as they need to achieve 15 points for full credit. ( Each 100%= 3points) One slight change I have made this quarter is that the students will have from Sunday until Saturday to complete this each week. That means that articles read after Saturday night will count towards the following week. There will not be any opportunities to make up these assignments or to get partial credit later...this is more than adequate time to complete this task successfully.

In addition, my students are being asked to complete 3 AR books between March 11 and April 28th. The books are totally of their choosing, and the only real requirement is that one of the books selected should be non-fiction. The students who successfully read and quiz on these books will earn tickets that will be entered in a drawing for prizes on April 29th. Everyone had a chance to get to the library today, and hopefully chose something interesting to read. A few students had missing books still at home, that will need to be returned ASAP so that they can select something new. More information will come regarding a few check point dates we will have along the way, so noone faces a last minute time crunch!

During the next few weeks we will be focusing our energies on reviewing the skills sets necessary for success on the Georgia Milestones. Some of this time will be spent on having the students become more comfortable with completing their tasks in limited timeframes. This is often a struggle for them particularly with writing tasks. They need to read, organize their thoughts, determine appropriate textual evidence to use as support, and produce a final product. This requires practice to become comfortable with.

This week students will quiz on the "root word" suffixes meaning "It's Like": al, ine, and ous, all meaning like, or pertaining to. Study Stack is available for study and practice at home. The quiz is scheduled for Thursday.

Math- Mrs. Holloway

This week in Mathematics:

Hello parents. We will be taking our Mastery Assessment on Wednesday. Our final unit is Systems of Equations. Students will have homework every night. Tonight’s homework is to study for the MA. Just and FYI, I gave homework this weekend. The majority of my 4th block and my 5th block did the assignment. There were about 6 students in each of those blocks who did not complete it. There were 46 students present in my 2nd and 3rd block classes on Friday. Out of those students, 10 DID their homework. I already had informed the kids that we would have homework on the weekends until the EOG test to help prepare. I had to change my lesson plans for today since so many students had not completed it. It was a frustrating day. Please look for homework each night. They will ALSO be receiving an assignment (either in google classroom or on paper) of review items that will be due Tuesday of next week. They should receive this tomorrow. They will be turning it into me. All students have gotten back their Volume 1 textbooks. They should be looking at 2-3 sections a night and do practice problems from that section. We have talked about students looking through, practicing, and bringing questions back into class for us to discuss. There is a lot of information on youTube and on Khan Academy for students to look back to for review if they don’t understand the examples in the book. It’s going to be a very quick moving few weeks until the EOG and I want to make sure the students are prepared, confident, and ready. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me. Looking forward to a great week.

Social Studies- Mr. Salser

This week we are discussing the modern development of Georgia, the Civil Rights movement in Georgia, and the economic development of modern Georgia. We will also have our Constitution Quiz covering amendments 18-22 on 3/21/2016.

Science- Mr. Anderson

We are in the 4th grading period! If this were a football game, we are entering the 4th quarter and the end is in sight. After looking over the calendar, I see that we have this week and next until Spring Break. Certainly, we are all excited to see the warmer temperatures. We will continue the study of electricity for the next two weeks and finish up with a mastery assessment next Thursday. Full steam ahead!