Pros and Cons of Full Inclusion

Amber Daffer

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- “ a term which expressed commitment to educate a child to the maximum extent appropropriate in the school and classroom he or she would otherwise attend it involves bringing the support serviced to the child.”

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  • Has more local control in the school and classroom
  • implements many teaching strategies that are proven to be effective in teaching students through academic and social aspects
  • Cooperative learning
  • A good opportunity for student to learn from each other whether it is a student with a disability or a "normal" student in the classroom. Studying together can make students develop tolerance, understanding, sympathy, and kindness towards their peers.
  • Allows a student to learn in a natural,stimulating environment.
  • Combats segregation stereotypes
  • "one size fits all" attitude
  • Rewarding opportunities for socialization.
  • Students can learn my imitating their peers in their classroom setting.
  • Can challenge students to go outside their comfort zone.
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  • Students with disabilities may feel very uncomfortable with a student without disabilities which can bring on a very negative attitude and tension for the students.
  • When in a inclusion or general education classroom the research and studies for a child with disabilities lag behind due to not being able to keep up with other students in the classroom.
  • The student does not receive the one on one attention that they may require.
  • Student falls behind due to the fact that they cannot keep up with other students.
  • Student with disabilities feel insecure and shuts down.
  • May be "unfair" for average learning students, can hold back students from learning a normal rate.
  • If the teacher is spending more time with the student that requires special education services, the rest of the class may be on their own,not receiving the attention they need to succeed.
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Each Child is different. The parents/guardians along with the students IEP team and special education teacher finds what environments that best fits that students learning abilities to help them succeed!