We Have Potato Chips

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Nebraska's Land And Economy

Nebraska is the best place ever! If you like grassy places, Nebraska is your state! They have a huge green plain also known as the Great Plains. Also, if you like fishing, Nebraska has over 2,500 lakes! You could fish all day in clear blue water. If you have run out of cat or dog food, there is a factory called the Iams factory you can work at. If you like snacks, then you can work at a factory called “Weavers Snacks”. If you like potato chips, you will find them everywhere in Nebraska! All kinds of potato chips are made there: BBQ, plain old potato, and much, much more. If you like farming, you can help the community by harvesting crops, then make potato chips

Nebraska's Culture And Facts

If you like celebrating, Nebraska celebrates a lot of holidays in Scottsbluff, take Cinco De Mayo for instance. You can stay up all night with friends and family playing and partying all night! If you like researching the past, Nebraska’s history has many different beliefs and arts for you to explore. For instance, Nebraska had the first female Republican governor, Kay Orr. Nebraska has the largest Wooly Mammoth fossil. Tourist’s visit the fossil all day! If you like husking corn, then Nebraska is a good place to be. There’s lots of corn their. In fact, Nebraska was nicknamed the “Cornhusker State”! So, what are you waiting for? Come to Nebraska!

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