Staff Update

Monday, December 8th - Friday, December 12th

Week at a Glance

Monday, December 8th:

  • Anabell is out during the morning.

Tuesday, December 9th:

9:00 AM- 10:00 AM: There will be a school tour for prospective families. We will be quietly touring rooms in small groups for a small portion of this time.

Wednesday, December 10th:

  • Elizabeth and Brooke are at a conference. They will return for a portion of the afternoon.
  • Jaimie Cloud is here to observe project time and work with grade level teams during integrated project planning.

1:15 - 5:15: Grade Level Planning and PD

Thursday, December 11th:

  • Renee Dinnerstein will be visiting. She is currently writing a book about choice time in the classroom and will be interested in seeing your exploration block.

7:00 PM - 8:00 PM: There will be a Family-School Collaborative Meeting. If you would like to attend, that would be great!

Friday, December 12th:

  • Pascale and Michelle will be out.

This Week's Events

Wednesday's Grade Level planning and PD

1:15 - 3:45: Extended Grade Level Planning

  • We will be working off of a modified "A" Week schedule below. Jaimie will be joining the grade level teams for the integrated planning time to further work on unit and lesson plans.


  • K plans Integrated Unit with Kirsten, Sara, and Jaimie

  • first grade plans Math with Michelle

2:30 - 3:45:

  • K plans Literacy as a team and with Brooke if she is back
  • first grade plans Integrated Unit with Kirsten, Sara, Michelle, and Jaimie

3:45 - 4:15: Share of findings from "Co-Teaching: Beyond the Basics" seminar that Michelle and Elizabeth attended last Friday.

4:15 - 5:15:

  • First grade CST for YS and JR
  • K: Work time in classrooms/finish weekly plans

Coaching Cycles This week

This is Week 2 of coaching cycles. We will send out invites to planning sessions shortly!

Week 1:




Week 2:


- Sara


Week 3:

- Lorna


- Meghan


Snack Trays this Week

Leigh, Adele in Pine's mom, has graciously volunteered to help us organize snack volunteers. As of now, we are short on volunteers for Thursday and Friday this week. On these days, it would be really helpful to wash the plates for your class after they are done snacking. This will help to keep us critter free and will prevent someone having to wash all the plates later in the evening. Thanks for your help!


Send Weekly Plans to Brooke and Michelle by 1 PM on Sunday

Thanks to those of you who sent messages letting us know about your plans last week! Moving forward, we would like to have your plans by 1 PM on Sunday. That way, we can take a look at them and give you suggestions or feedback based on what's happening in your class. Thanks!

Compass Winter Party

Our Winter Party will take place at the Emerson on Wednesday, December 17th starting at 5:30 PM! We will walk over in a group after PD. There will be pizza, drinks, music, and fun! Please feel free to invite your significant other or a guest if you would like. For more info, take a look at the Smore invite. Please RSVP by Friday and let us know who will be in attendance! We're excited to celebrate all the great work we've done thus far!

Community Room Upkeep

Thanks for keeping the Community Room clean over the past few weeks! Here are a few things that we still need to work on to make sure the space is safe and nice to work in with children and adults:

1. Paper Cutter:Please always put the paper cutter back in the closet. It's not safe to leave out.

2. Chairs: Push in chairs after you use them so the room is easier to navigate.

3. Windows: If you open a window, make sure to close it before you leave the room. There have been several rainy evenings and the windows near the books have been left open.

4. Belongings:Please check the cabinet directly above the sink and take home any dishes, water bottles, etc. that belong to you.

5. Knife Storage: If you use a paring knife to cut something, make sure to place it in the Ball jar located in the cabinet furthest to the left in the bank above the sink. We don't want any little fingers finding them.

6. Large Plastic Tubs: If you need to take down any of the large plastic tubs located on top of the cabinet banks, put the plastic tub back up after you get what you need.

7. Play Kitchen and Dollhouse: If you bring a child in to play in the dollhouse or play kitchen area, encourage and help the child in cleaning up when play is finished.

8. Supply Closet: If you notice that a supply is running low or take the last of any supply in the supply closet, please let Arian know so she can keep it nice and stocked!

Thanks so much in advance! Let's keep our commons looking amazing!

Guided reading library

All four classes have now launched guided reading. Yay! To make sure that books are accessible to all of the grade level teams, please return the books to the bins in M/B's office as soon as you are finished with them. We have not yet been able to inventory all guided reading sets yet, so please be careful to keep track of the book sets you take. A sign out sheet will be coming soon so that you know who has which set of books.