Colonial Craftsmen

By: Isaiah Wells


In colonial times these are some ways people made tools and guns.In subheading one how they made guns and what the rifles shot.In subheading two you will see what they used and what they made.In the last subheading you will see what tools they used and what they made.That is some of the facts that are going to be in the paragraphs.


Gunsmiths make all guns by hand and were as accurate as today guns.Gunsmiths made guns as accurate as today guns.Rifles were often 6 feet long and fired a ball of about .44cailber.It also saved a lot of lead and powder.All guns were done by hand by a gunsmith.Guns were often as large as a .75 caliber.When you think about a gunsmith don't think they don't make accurate guns because they make it their self they make guns as accurate as today guns.


Silver smiths like to be called sometimes a goldsmith because they work with gold to.Some silversmiths liked to be called goldsmiths.Silversmiths make these crafts from silver dishes,teapots,soup ladles,sugar tongs, and watch chains.They worked with silver,gold,and metal.Silversmiths tools are a anvil,stake,and a forge.Delicate types of making fine silver or gold wire for bracelets and other jewelry.Without silversmiths you will not be able to have gold,silver,and metal bracelets


Tinsmiths work with tin and light weight metals.Tinsmiths tools are sheet tin , shears, solder, and punches.They made basins,tea canisters, toys, lanterns, snuffboxes, tinderboxes, candle molds, milk cans, foot warmers and anything else made from light weight metal.The authentic Paul Revere lantern was square with four glass sides.They have tools for rolling,folding,crimping,and bending tin into many shapes as required.They could cut, twist, and solder the thin metal into almost any shape.Tinsmiths not only made and repaired all kinds of tinware but design much of it themselves,for they were true artisans.


Their tools are very strong so they work with gold, silver, and metal.Gunsmiths actually made guns as accurate as today guns.Silversmiths made a lot more stuff from silver,metal,and gold.Tinsmiths made,designed,and repaired lanterns.Gunsmiths,silversmiths,and tinsmiths made a lot more stuff.


forge: A place where objects are made by heating and shaping metal
snuffbox:a small box for holding snuff usually carried about the person
solder: A mixture of metals that is melted and used to join metal parts together
tinderbox: A metal box for holding tinder and usually a flint and steel for striking a spark


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