Come to Mexico!

You will enjoy the beautiful weather and much more!

The main attraction

Mexico has beautiful landscapes that you will enjoy. The main reason why most people come to mexico is because of its water. The water is very beautiful out here! From the sandy beaches to crystal clear water you will love it here!

Traditions and Holidays!

If you go to Mexico make sure you sit down and learn about there holidays and traditions! Like day of the dead. It is celebrated for the relatives that have died. What they do is put food out by graves and celebrate. So come on down so you can see Day of the Dead and much more!

Typical weather

The weather in mexico changes between season and in different places. Where you would be staying as a tourist it is usually between 90 to 80 in the summer! So if your looking for a hot get away Mexico is the place for you! Mexico also has some rain forest's. In the rainforest's there there weather is 60 to 100! So if you want to go out and explore some wildlife and maybe meet a monkey, Mexico is the place for you!

Fun Facts!

Here are some things that might interest you to come to Mexico! When it comes to resources Mexico is crawling with them. Petroleum or oil is one of there big resources. It helps them out a lot because it makes a lot of money off of it. There biggest buyer is the United States.

Mexico's flag is made up of three vertical stripes. The left green stripe stands for hope, the middle white stripe stands for purity and the red stripe represents the blood of the people that have fought for mexico. Also the eagle is based on a Aztec legend!

As you all know the cute little puppy dog called the chihuahua. It was named after a state in Mexico.

Mexico also has the oldest city in North America, Tabasco is the city!

Did this get you to go?

So after reading this I really hope that it convinced you to go to Mexico! If you do go don't forget that sunblock because you just landed in a hot spot!