ClipperPro Reviews: Worth it?

Or Waste of Money? Keep Reading to Decide for Yourself…

Doctors invent a nail clipper that uses less force and more control. But Is this a CLIPPERPRO scam?

If you’re like me and suffer from joint pain, a simple task like clipping your nails could turn into a dangerous, long, grueling process. I experience this daily, ever since I hit 40. I really didn’t think these issues would arise until my mid 50’s (at least!), but I’ve been feeling discomfort in my joints, especially in my wrists and hands. My doctor suspects its early signs of RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis).

I was starting to feel like a burden. Always asking my husband or kids help me with simple tasks like opening jars, cutting my food, but it started to get really embarrassing when they started clipping my nails! So, I went online to see if anyone else was struggling with the same issues, and it turns out, there are plenty of people. In fact, there are nail clippers designed for this very problem.


I found reviews on a nail clipper that looked really interesting, called CLIPPERPRO.

CLIPPERPRO was created by doctors to help people clip and trim their nails safely and with more control. Whether you suffer from osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, or just inflammation, CLIPPERPRO is designed to ease the pain you may feel when clipping your nails with a traditional clipper. For me, the pain doesn't just stop at my wrist and hands. Clipping my nails also hurts my shoulders, neck and even back. Trying to find a comfortable position requires a lot of movement and stress on my body.

I Ordered The CLIPPERPRO Nail Clipper and Here’s What I Found

I usually never buy anything online because I like to see and test things out before making a commitment to buy, but there are so many positive CLIPPERPRO reviews, I couldn’t resist. They also have a great return policy, so I didn’t think I was risking too much if the product wasn’t for me.

When the CLIPPERPRO nail clipper arrived, I was really taken back at how interesting it looked. It was nothing like the traditional nail clippers I’ve seen. This one had much more features:

  • Ergonomic movement
  • Swiveling head (1800)
  • Surgical grade 240 stainless steel blades
  • Plastic handle with palm grip

Who designed the CLIPPERPRO Nail Clipper?

On their official website, you can read the story about how the CLIPPERPRO swiveling head nail clipper came to be. It was designed and engineered by three orthopedic surgeons who had a genuine need to help people like myself with restricted mobility. The design is also patented, so you know this is the real deal. There are no other clippers like it. If you read the CLIPPERPRO reviews, you’ll see that CLIPPERPRO is trusted by many because it was created by doctors. So, you know its safe, amazing quality, and built easy enough for you to use at home. These are the main reasons I felt confident in making this purchase online.

Why is CLIPPERPRO better than other nail clippers?

Simply put, the design is phenomenal. As I mentioned before, it has ergonomic movement and a handle you can grip with your palm. The problem with traditional nail clippers, is the handle can be too small and hard to squeeze with just your thumb and index finger.

The last time I attempted to cut my nails with a traditional nail clipper, my muscles were not strong enough, and I ended up squeezing the clipper so hard that it slipped, and I accidentally cut my skin instead of my nail. After that incident, my kids and husband started trimming my nails for me.

That is the main problem with nail clippers. They can be hard to hold and even harder to control. For people like me, it is very painful on my joints. If I am able to cut all my fingernails, they are usually crooked or jagged and rough. And cutting my toenails? Not a chance!

Clipping Your Nails with CLIPPERPRO Requires Less Force and Gives You More Control

Here’s how easy it is to clip your nails:

  • Place the blade on the section of you nail you wish to cut
  • Hold the clipper in your hand – feel free to use the swivel handle to get into a comfortable position, don’t worry! The blade on your nail will not move.
  • Gently squeeze the clipper until your nail snips off.

When I first tried CLIPPERPRO, I was amazed at how much control I had. Because the blades are stainless steel and surgical quality, they are really sharp and strong, so you don’t need much force to clip your nails. Every cut I made was accurate and nicely shaped. I was even able to cut my toenails, no problem.

Who is CLIPPERPRO for?

CLIPPERPRO is for people like me who have joint or muscle pain that restricts them from simple tasks. Cutting my nails used to be really difficult for me, especially my toenails, where nails are usually a bit thicker and harder to reach.

Other people that could benefit using the CLIPPERPRO rotating nail clipper are caretakers, elderly and others who may have people in their families with restricted mobility or joint and muscle pain. My mom, for example is well into her 60’s and has weak muscles and finds it hard to control and stabilize anything she holds. I think if she tested out the CLIPPERPRO rotating nail clipper, she would find it quite easy.

Most reviews online are from older people (60’s-70’s) and even family members that are so grateful to have something like this help with a simple task.


CLIPPERPRO is definitely NOT A SCAM. Something as simple as cutting my nails has really given me independence and confidence. If you’re still on the fence, you can order one for yourself on their official website and try it out for yourself. And if you find it’s really not for you, there is a great return policy.