Mercantilism vs capitalism

By: Mario and Dwan


They both have a special meaning to a specific group of people.


people believed that the columbian exchange brought people closer together

Columbia- “It Helped To Increase Food Production.

Evidence- Benefits of the Columbian Exchange was that it became cheaper to grow more food.”

Livestock Was Introduced- “Before the colonization of the Americas, most of the animal protein that was incorporated into diets was obtained through hunting.”

Columbia- The United States Was Created- “Without the Columbian Exchange, the United States might never have come into existence.”

According to a National Labor Committee 2006 report, an estimated 200 children 11 years old or even younger, are sewing clothing for Hanes, Walmart, J.C. Penney, and Puma at the Harvest Rich factory in Bangladesh.

They are the 2.3 million American prisoners locked behind bars where we cannot see or hear them. And they are modern-day slaves of the 21st century.