Traveling to Ethiopia or USA ?

Do you plant to travel to East Africa or USA ?

Whatever type of request you have we are there to handle it.

Visiting East Africa is, where you will have Magic place and a magnetic Memory calling you back ,in truth going to Africa is often a once –in-life-time experience –so it makes sense to travel with the best and we are here to do that. Whether you're looking for a classic holidays, a private off-the-beaten path journey, or a personal exploration of Africa's tribal cultures and Historical tour, there is simply no experience like an ETHIO USA TOURS.
Ethio USA Tour is committed to providing amazing tour packages and excellent customer service. Our goal is to exceed your satisfaction and expectations for your trip. In fact, our slogan is "Distinctive ETHIOPIAN Travel" and we aim to provide experiences that other travel companies simply cannot provide. Ethio USA Tour is one of a hand full of tour operator based in the United States of America ,that engaged in the tourism industry. We provide both inbound tours to the USA and outbound tours to East Africa, but we specialize in Ethiopian tourism. The joy of traveling is that it can be enjoyed virtually anywhere in the world. Yet one of the best countries for breathtaking scenery, rugged but majestic mountains, exotic flora, fauna (mainly endemic mammals, birds, plants) and pristine cultural diversity maintained by perpetual historical site and tribes undoubtedly it is Ethiopia. This colorful country can cater all types of tourist, Adventurous or comfort –loving and any kind of tour in the interest of the travelers. In the North, the ancient stale-fields and Rock –Hewn churches of Lalibela and Axum show the world‘s oldest Christian culture very much alive; The ethnic minorities of the south will give a glimpse into timeless Tribal life styles .the East can show you a relaxed and tolerant Muslim culture living in peace .Nature reserves in low-and highlands make for unforgettable hiking and game watching adventure Visiting Ethiopia is once –in-a- lifetime experience. Ethio USA Tour will make sure that your clients or family, friends get the best of what this country has to offer.
We invite you to explore this section of our site and get a sense of the travel experience that awaits you. We will connect you with nature, with new cultures… and with unforgettable trip. Such experiences are not always common… but in our company this happen all the time we give value for your money and time . we make you to come back like other travelers through our service. Visiting another place is more than a word: it is a siren calls for the Traveling soul .For those who have yet to Experience it... But this is more than just Africa—it’s because of our experience staff and quality service we give. It’s an experience unlike any other, where you are a VIP everywhere you go with us . It is a blend of excitement and elegance, a place of delightful surprises and uncommon luxury. We promise and come to see outwore are established with the aim to give utmost satisfaction to our customer .Whatever type of request you have we are there to handle it.

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