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Kaveri Srividya

Srividya Sadhana is the ultimate Meditation technique given by Lord Hayagreev to his disciple Sage Agastya. After receiving this Deeksha when Rishi Agastya was living in his ashram he gave this deeksha to his wife Mata Lopamudra. After this many years passed, Rishi Agastya came to know in meditation from the Divine Mother that there was another great sould in the world who had attained the Divine Mother AdiParashakti and received initiation into the Vidya which would lead to emancipation. Rishi Agastya wanted to know who that disciple was and hence he went towards Mount Kailash and met Rishi Kashap. Upon meditation for many days Rishi Kashyap was able to tell Agastya that the disciple was in South India and was a Srividya Sadhak. Rishi Agastya was amused and as he had given deeksha of Srividya to only a few disciples he wondered who it was. Sage Kashyap gave the answer that the person was in his household. He did not have a Son by that time so he instantly know that it was Lopamudra Mata. He came back to his ashram in South India and informed his wife Lopamudra and asked, She revealed the secret to him. She also initiated Rishi Agastya in the Srividya meditation technique.

Yogi Padmamani by blessings from Mata Lopamudra and Rishi Agastya received this Deeksha directly from them in deep meditation. AdiParashakti got invoked in the body of the Yogi and all the mantras and techniques were revealed to him. Goddess Kaveri split herself into two one as the Divine River and another as Mata Lopamudra who married Rishi Agastya. This Srividya meditation has become extinct in the present world conditions and Yogi is reviving this Srividya technique for the benefit of souls who want to attain Salvation and merge with Supreme being or Paramatma. This technique is kept secret as it is the secretest of the most secret original Srividya. This method has such methods which burns past karmas very fast giving attainment of bliss and peace for the seeker;s soul. Yogi does not give this deeksha online.