Board of Advisors, Naugher Island

Joshua Thomas, Justin Naugher, Shane Rigdon, Collin Wallace

Adam Smith

Adam Smith is the face of modern economics. He helped support
laissez-faire policies which opened a whole new frontier for
economics. More freedom in the economy with removal of excessive
government interference and tariffs opened up more opportunity for
economic growth. Smith's views on economics provides the best chances
of success for businesses.
With Adam Smith working on our Board of Advisors, Naugher Island will
be able to exercise more economic activity of the people with less
government intervention. This will allow more people to have more
profit and opportunities with their businesses. Smith will also help
support our idea of having Economic freedom.

Milton Friedman

Milton Friedman had strong pushes in the idea of free market. Pushing
this option of competition helps the economy become more efficient and
hard working. Friedman's work has gotten him a Noble Prize for his
achievements in the field of consumption analysis, monetary history
and theory, and for his demonstration of the complexity of
stabilization policy.
Friedman on our Board of Advisors will help the idea of free market
run as smoothly as it can on the island. This will make society on the
island become more competitive, which will provide the people with
better service and give the people more options to select the services
they want.

Friedrich Hayek

Friedrich Hayek had great knowledge on the the way economies
functioned. He looked at free market and discovered the issues within
it that led to a large number of people being unemployed. He
contemplated the problems and found the solution of how the money
supply provided by the central bank was a cause of the unemployment.
The knowledge and skills that Hayek provides will help our island's
economy avoid collapse due to unemployment or other issues. Avoiding
these issues is key for our success and will keep the economy running
smoothly and efficiently as possible.

John Keynes

John Keynes was described as revolutionary in economics. One notable
thing about Keynes was his thoughts on the money that the Allied
Forces demanded from Germany after World War I. He said that trying to
pay off that debt would make the country politically unstable and
cause more issues.
Having the ability to think of the outcomes of what major actions
can do to an economy is very important for our board of advisors.
Avoiding economic issues could save our island from more economics
issues, or even some political issues. Keynes' knowledge will really
help our economy avoid downfall.