WBMS July Update

Important News for you: July 2022

Top Ten things our middle school parents should be doing now to prepare for fall 2022

1. Buy a spin lock for your student to practice (details below)

2. If your student would like to participate in sports for the upcoming year, get the MHSAA physical form completed (details below)

3. If you believe your student needs free/reduced lunch please complete that request now. (link below) We do not have the grant--so no automatic FREE food like in the past

4. If you have a rising 6th grader, and s/he would like to explore the building you can sign up for the Bridge program. (link below)

5. If a parent would like a tour of the new building before school begin, register using the links below.

6. Check out the school supply lists--all recommended items not required. We will provide string backpacks for all students.

7. If you do not have a Power School account--make one now (instructions below)

8. Download the Power School app to your phone--it makes checking grades, attendance, etc. EASY!

9. Keep your kids reading! Supports for reading ideas are below

10. Take a breath and enjoy the summer as the craziness we parents experience during the hectic school year will be here August 29th! So please enjoy the time with your kids!

Summer and Fall 2022 Dates for Middle School

Fall 2022 Dates for Middle School

See below for registration for summer tours of the new building for ADULTS

Students will explore the new building at orientation/jump start:

August 16th: 8th grade jump start (schedules, building access, yearbook and ID photos taken)

August 17th: 7th grade jump start (schedules, building access, yearbook and ID photos taken)

August 18th: 6th grade orientation: The purpose of 6th grade orientation is to share class schedules, pass out agendas, take the school photo (yearbook and school ID) and begin to become familiar with the building (find classes, etc.)

Orientation/Jump start times are normally during the day. Jump start is assigned by alpha but we do have some flexibility. Times will be in the August 1 newsletter.

There are no make up dates for these events. Students missing jump start/orientation events can view their schedules on Power School before the first day and get materials on the first day of school.

Picture make up day TBD.

First Day of school: August 29th

September 8th will be OPEN HOUSE. Stay tuned for details

NEW start and end times: 8:20 am to 3:12pm (students will be allowed in the building at 7:45 am. There will be AM Tween Time starting at 6:45 am)

Parent tours of the new building will be offered in July and August-click the link below to sign up for date/time. Parents only please.

WBMS Students: if you are on the list to get this newsletter--we are expecting you to be with us Fall 2022

Welcome to July! We have your middle school student enrolled as a West Bloomfield Middle School student (in person) for Fall 2022.

If this is incorrect, and your student will be leaving the district (private school, moving, etc.) please email our registrar at: antoinette.morton@wbsd.org

Power School Updates--this is important--please make sure you have an account BEFORE school begins

I have a PowerSchool Parent account, what do I need to do? The new system will not affect Parents that already have a PowerSchool Parent Portal Account. You do not need to do anything.

I do NOT have a PowerSchool Parent account, what do I need to do? If you do not have a PowerSchool Parent account set up, please contact your student’s school to obtain your PowerSchool Parent Access ID. Instructions to create your account can be found here: https://www.wbsd.org/parents/powerschool

I am new to WBSD, how can I enroll?

  1. Visit our website at: https://www.wbsd.org/parents/enrollment.

  2. Read the directions and complete the quick pre-registration form.

  3. One of our WB administrators will approve or deny the request. If approved, the parent/guardian will receive an email on how to create a Parent Portal account in PowerSchool. If you are denied, you will be notified via email.

  4. Fill out the enrollment forms on the Parent Portal in PowerSchool.

  5. Once forms are complete and submitted, they will be reviewed by a WB administrator.

Welcome to Middle School

In a few weeks your students will be joining us for face to face middle school. We do send information all summer long to keep you updated on the transition and opportunities. Please make sure your email address is kept up to date and you can contact our registrar with changes: antoinette.morton@wbsd.org

Your student should have made elective class requests and we are busy scheduling meeting with families who need specialized programs (504, IEP, etc.) If you have questions or concerns about your student's elective schedule we encourage you to reach out to one of our middle school counselors. Their names and assignments for fall 2022 are listed below:

Last Names A-K Ms. MacKenzie Peguese

Last Names L-Z Mr. Steve Levitan

Students with 504 plans and IEPs: susan.chang@wbsd.org

Your Middle School Administration Team

Amy Hughes, Principal

Jermaine Evans, Assistant Principal

Blaine McDowell, Dean of Student Services

Lisa Graff, Assistant Principal

Big picture

Lockers--WE will provide a string back pack to all students! See supply list for details

We recommend all students learn to use a spin lock. Every student will be assigned a locker with a pre-determined combination. If your rising middle school student is not familiar with this, please purchase a spin lock (sometimes the dollar stores will have them) and practice. We also use lockers for Physical Education class. The video below is taken from ANOTHER school--but the tutorial is great!

Lockers in the new building will be smaller than ones at our current school.

Combination Lock Tutorial

19th Orchard Lake Fine Art Show - call for Youth Art Competition

19th Orchard Lake Fine Art Show - call for Youth Art Competition

Call for Youth Artists

Raymond James Youth Art Competition

Grades K-8 or Ages 5-13

Deadline to Apply is July 10, 2022

Applications at


As part of our commitment to bring art education into the community, Institute for the Arts & Education, the associated 501c3 non-profit organization integrates a Youth Art Competition within the art show. Sponsored by Raymond James, this unique and one-of-a-kind program encourages all students in grades K-8 or ages 5-13 to enter their original and handmade art that is publicly displayed duration of the art show. There is $250 in Youth Art awards as students are exposed to the rules and entrepreneurship opportunity of doing art shows for a living – something they love to do – create their art! Youth art deadline to apply is July 10, 2022. Up to two entries per student accepted ($3 per entry) which includes a “Family Pass” to attend the art show complimentary.

Athlete Night

On August 23rd at 7pm we will offer Athlete Night. All 7th and 8th graders are eligible to participate in all sports.

6th graders may participate in some middle school sports determined by state guidelines. The sports include: cross country, swimming, wrestling, and track. (the MHSAA official form is linked below)

On Athlete Night, we provide an opportunity to meet some coaches, and get information about middle school sports including practice information, paperwork, etc.

The sports we offer include: Football, Swimming, Cross Country, Track and Field, Basketball, Volleyball, Wrestling and Cheer (sideline and competitive seasons)

We will be sending more detailed information out in the August 1st newsletter. This event is for parents (adults) only.

Important things for sports:

1. Students must have a physical on file dates AFTER April 15, 2022 to be eligible to try out and/or participate. I would encourage you to get that paperwork completed now.

2. Registration forms are found on the district athletic site however we are moving to a NEW system provides by Final Forms--stay tuned for details.

3. The district has removed the pay to participate requirements therefore we will have caps on all sports for safety reasons.

Additional information can be found on the District Athletic Site below:

Our School Day

The school day is scheduled to be from 8:20 am to 3:12 pm.

Students can be dropped off at the building as early as at 7:45 am.

Our community education department offers "Tween Time" after and before school care--see below for links to registration.

Tween Time Update and registration

New for the 2022/2023 school year, our program will be offering both AM and PM services to those families that are in need. For these services to be offered, a daily number of registered students MUST be in attendance. Families will be notified the week of August 15, 2022 if we are unable to offer AM and/or PM services due to low enrollment numbers.

Tween Time services will be held at WBMS located at 3380 Orchard Lake Road. Tween Time allows students the opportunity to complete homework assignments, utilize art and craft materials, board games, outdoor activities and socialization amongst friends.

There is a non-refundable registration fee of $60/per child or $90/family.

  • AM services start at 6:45 a.m. until school starts

    • $10.25 daily rate

  • PM services start at dismissal until 6:30 p.m.

    • $13.75 daily rate

  • Half Day services

    • $36 per day

Registration is open until Friday, August 12, 2022 at 4PM.

If you are interested in AM or PM services, please visit: wbsdec.ce.eleyo.com to register.

Tips for Middle School

  • Communication is key-ask open ended questions and be available to listen
  • Communication is key-pay attention to non-verbal communication too
  • Make sure your middle schooler has a place to study that’s quiet, well-lit and comfortable
  • Have good morning and nighttime routines
  • Monitor technology use-cell phone, laptop, tablet and home computer
  • Help you middle schooler become a more organized and successful student-use a planner
  • Develop good study habits: Help organize and prioritize homework, emphasize the importance of keeping up, help break down large assignments
  • While being with friends is important to middle schoolers, doing things with their parents and families provide them with much needed security
  • Students with a positive self-image are less influenced by peer pressure
  • Promote independence and resiliency – try to help your middle schooler figure out how to take care of a problem on their own.
  • Encourage healthy coping mechanisms - Talk to a safe and trusted adult - Deep breaths - Exercise, yoga or sports - Listen to music Create Art - Write in a journal - Think of your happy place - Go outside or take a walk - Play with a pet - Positive self-talk - Have fun with a friend
  • Transportation

    We strongly encourage all students who have access to a district provided bus to take it. All district residents who live at least one mile from school have eligible for transportation and will be sent an email communication with the route number and times approximately 2 weeks before school begins.

    We also have a few shuttles for out of district families. The exception to transportation forms become available on the website August 1 and we will email you a link to the page as well. These shuttle requests are first come first serve.

    At the new building, we will have a bus loop AND a car drop off loop.

    Meals at School--NO free meals unless paperwork is submitted and approved

    In the fall, we will have lunch time for the students and staff. We are planning on offering 2 lunch times, assigned by the 5th hour class.

    This past school year we had a grant and offered FREE breakfast and lunch to all students. For the upcoming school year, we will NOT continue with our free breakfast for all grant, so it is important that if you may be eligible for free or reduced lunch to complete that paperwork. This paperwork is available beginning July 1 at the link below.

    This application must be completed EVERY year to be considered.

    We also encourage parents to deposit money into their student's account so students do not have to carry cash to school. You can do that at the Food Services tab on the website-the link is also below. Funds are carried over from school year to school year.

    Blessings in a Backpack support for middle school families

    If your child is a student (3 to 26 years of age) in the West Bloomfield Schools, s/he can also participate in the 2022-2023 Blessings in a Backpack program. This program sends six non-perishable meals home each Friday of the school year. Its goal is to make sure that no child goes hungry on the weekend. Run by volunteers, there is NO cost to you.

    To enroll in this program, please fill out the form below and return it to your school office or email it to katherinesheiko@hotmail.com. This registers your child/ren in the Blessings program and alerts us to any allergies they might have. The first backpack of food will be distributed to your child at his/her local school the first week of October.

    The new middle school--access and entry

    The new middle school--access and entry

    Please note that although the new middle school site may look open and safe, students and parents should not plan to enter the building until the official dates/events. We do not have full occupancy at this time. Thank you for your cooperation.

    Summer Reading Opportunity

    Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s),

    West Bloomfield Middle School is gearing up for summer break. While summer presents an opportunity to relax and enjoy the sunshine, we want our students to continue to find ways to learn while away from the classroom.

    We have an exciting reading service available through Sora, the student reading app, which provides free 24/7 access to ebooks and audiobooks. What better way to engage your student’s mind than through reading?

    Starting May 4 – August 17, 2022, the Sora Sweet Reads program will offer a collection of Juvenile and Young Adult titles that will be prominently displayed in Sora for quick and easy unlimited access. You can explore the title offerings and learn more about the program here.

    How does it work?
    Sora provides the quickest and easiest way to get started with digital titles from our school. Students can simply log in using their school account and instantly access hundreds of ebooks and audiobooks on virtually any device. Get started today at https://soraapp.com or download the free Sora app for Android or iOS. For easy access, our school’s setup code is westbloomfield.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.


    Melissa Bridges
    Digital Literacy Specialist
    West Bloomfield Middle School

    Big picture

    Stay Tuned....

    As we get closer to the start of the Fall 2022 school year we will continue to share information with you regarding schedules, transportation and other expectations. Please continue to stay in touch with us by keeping your email address on file and up to date with our registrar: