harry potter and the deathly sticks

by rosalie buningh

about the liar

I went to elena bakkes to ask about the book that she read. But first i wanted to get to now more about her.

Elena bakkes is thirteen years old and lives in the Nederlands. She lives and goes to school in kralingen, a area in Rotterdam.

about the book

After i got to now her better, i asked some questions about the book.

The name of the book is Harry potter and the deadly stick. The main character tries to save his friends but ends up dying. The main character was a blond, little fat boy. Her favorite part of the book was when ronald had a pool party and when the friends were saved. she thinks that its a funny and adventurous book, and thats why she thinks you should read the book two. She doesn't now witch book is the next that she will read.

The picture is from elena bakkes.

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