Take a gap year!

Should American teens adopt the British custom of Gap year?

Teens in America should adopt the British custom of taking a gap year to aid in expanding the students college resume and making them well-rounded by experiencing other cultures and making discoveries about themselves.

What is a Gap year???

A Gap year is a break, usually a year in length though it can be shorter, a student takes after graduating high school; before beginning college. In the UK, students use this time to expand their resume and travel the world, having international experiences.

What's so great about a Gap year???

People who have taken a gap year have been known to come back more mature and responsible. Some students take jobs that later help to pay for college tuition, or traveling expenses. If you do not know what career you want to pursue, a gap year abroad could help you figure this out. It is a break away from school, make it count!

How to plan

Many students, who wish to take a Gap year abroad, need help planning. Some need help deciding what to do when they go; others need a little jump-start to get them going. For the students who has no idea what they are doing, there are programs out there to help students plan a trip abroad, an example is the CIEE program.

Some people who've taken a Gap year with the CIEE organization

Is a Gap year right for you???

When planning to take a Gap year, one must ask the following questions: How will this help you in the future? Will this help you achieve your goals for a career? Are you doing this for the right reasons?