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Everybody Hurts-Avril Lavigne

This song really connected when Johnny was in the hospital. When the rumble ends, Dally and Ponyboy go to the hospital to see Johnny. Ponyboy and Dally find Johnny dying. Johnny moans that fighting is useless, tells Ponyboy to “stay gold,” " Chapter 9" and then dies. Dally calls and says he just robbed a grocery store and is running from the police. The gang rushes out and sees police officers chasing him. Dally pulls out the unloaded gun he carries, and the police shoot him. Dally collapses to the ground, dead. Ponyboy muses that Dally wanted to die. Feeling dizzy and overwhelmed, Ponyboy passes out " Chapter 10". From the song the lyric that reminded me about Johnny is " Don't Know don't know if i cant do this on my own why do you have to leave me it seems I'm losing something deep inside of me hold on, onto me"
Everybody Hurts - Avril Lavigne (Lyrics)


I chose this song because it reminded me about the rumble. The rumble between the greasers and the Socs is set for 7 p.m. that night. Pony slams down five aspirins while no one is looking; he is still successfully hiding his illness. As the greasers gather together at the vacant lot, Pony compares the other greasers to his own gang. His gang never uses weapons and has never really hurt anyone. Pony realizes that they (his gang) are not hoods, and they don't belong with this group of future convicts. " Chapter 9". The lyrics that connected to the rumble is when the song says "we will rock you".
Queen - We Will Rock You


I chose this song because it reminded me about when Johnny and Ponyboy ran away from home. It reminded me about that because when Johnny killed Bob so Ponyboy went with Johnny and ran away to the church. They ran away because the cops knew that Johnny killed Bob so they had to change there appearance. The went on a train and went to the country side so that's why i chose runaway train" Chapter 3-4". The lyrics that was connected to Ponyboy and Johnny was "
Soul Asylum - Runaway Train

Crazy by Simple Plan

I hosed this song because it reminded me about when johnny died and how Dally acted. It reminded me about that because when Johnny died Dally was depressed and sad at the same time. He went to go rob and grocery store and he put up his gun that had no bullets inside. So the cops came and they shot Dally and he died. That's why i choose this song for Dally. The lyrics that i chose that connected was for Dally is " Is everybody going crazy? Is anybody going to save me?
crazy - simple plan lyrics

Hero by Skillet

I picked this song because i thought about how Johnny was a hero. Johnny was a hero because he instead of thinking only of himself and feeling sorry for himself, he is clearly focused on others. It is his note to Pony that helps motivate Pony to "stay gold" "Chapter 9". In addition, when Johnny saw Pony Boy being drowned by the Socs he stabbed them to save Pony Boy. Another example is when Johnny ran into the church he did it without hesitation. He knew the children were in danger and needed help so he just did what was right. Hero's are born in times of duress. It takes a stressful situation to demonstrate what a man's true measure is. Johnny showed that he was the best of young men by not thinking about his own life, but the lives of the children.
Skillet- Hero (lyrics)