What do you think was Teddy's biggest accomplishment & why?

Teddy's biggest accomplishment was starting a progressive style type of presidency because it let US make less death due to bad food.

What triggered the Boxer Rebellion & what was America's response to it?

America returned the money it received from China after the Boxer Rebellion, on the condition it be used to fund the creation of a university in Beijing.In response to reports of an armed invasion to lift the siege, the initially hesitant Empress Dowager Ci xi supported the Boxers and on June 21 declared war on the foreign powers.

What is the meaning behind the Rain cross symbol?

The bell of the Rain cross is inspired by the mass bell of Father Juniper Serra, founder of the California missions.

Do you think the government was correct in granting the Mission Inn Hotel this honor?

yes, I do :3

How did the US acquire the Panama Canal Zone and how did the canal benefit the US?

The victorious Panamanians returned the favor to Roosevelt by allowing the United States control of the Panama Canal Zone. It makes it possible to travel from one side of the US to the other without having to go around the southern tip of South America.

What were 5 new consumer products that were created in the 1920s?