How To. . .

Cope With The Loss Of A Friend

Step 1.

Go to the Friend’s funeral. This will help the teen feel comforted and supported. The people around them will help demonstrate how to act and behave. Then the teen will know mourning is the right thing to do at this time. It is also a good time to say goodbye and accept the fact that the death is real.

Step 2.

Step 2: Next, find a safe and trusted adult to share with and confide in. Parents can play a big role in the death of a teen and can help the teen overcome the grief they are going through. Time and attention from the parent will help the teen know that people care about them.

Step 3.

Talk to your friends and let them know what you need. Whether it’s privacy, time, comfort, someone to talk to, etc. Teens should not be afraid to share their story and talk to their friends. The teen can get confused and irritated if their friend does not understand what their going through so sharing your story will help. Parents should support friendships at this time and make sure their teen is interacting with people.

Step 4.

Find accommodating, and beneficial vents for your feelings including exercise, crying, writing in a journal, sending letters to the family, art, music, yoga, meditation, nature, prayer, kick boxing, spending time with friends, punching a punching bag, and getting involved with a cause relating to your issue.

Step 5.

Ask the family for a keepsake; a stuffed animal, a shirt, a cd or book, old photograph, etc. A special memory of the friend will help the teen remember and feel close to the person that died. They will have a sense of belonging and will have something to hold onto.

Step 6.

Laugh, have fun and take your mind off the incident. We are never really prepared for the death of a loved one so enjoying what you do have to hold on to (your other friends) will make this time so much easier. Let others mentor you and decide for you because making decisions out of fear or sadness may not end up well.

Step 7.

Get a school counselor, or a private therapist for your benefit. Maybe join a church youth group where you will find yourself safe and loved, people sharing their knowledge with you. They will build you up and make you strong and humble. You will feel a sense of belonging and will know this is the right thing to do.

Step 8.

Try to follow the same routine everyday. Change can be too overwhelming and too scary at the time and sticking to the normal ways tends to have a good outcome on the teens personality. When you differentiate your routine you can get frustrated, which will add to the sadness that already fills your heart, and may make poor decisions that you will regret later on.