Mrs. Mogg's Monday Memo

May 9 - 13

STAR reports

Our class has finished taking the STAR reading and math tests. The students take these at the beginning, middle, and end of the year.

You will be receiving the reports this week. They do not need to be returned.

Let me know if you have any questions.


We are working on Topic 16. It covers telling time and using graphs. We'll plan to take the test Wednesday, May 18.

We are continuing to work on mastery of addition and subtraction facts. Keep practicing at home. I hope to do 2 rounds of Rocket math each day this week to give the students more opportunities to advance.


We are continuing with last week's list. On Friday we will have the Applied spelling test for this list.


We are continuing with the story "Grace". We are working on facts and details, predicting, prefixes and suffixes, homophones.


We are trying to keep normal routines as much as possible around here. Hoping we can get some outside recess time to help the children burn off energy!

Kicks for Kids

You received a paper about Kicks for Kids last week. IF your child buys a chance to kick (on Field Day), please send the money in an envelope with the child's name on the envelope. I have to keep track of who brings in how much money. The limit is 5 kicks at $1 per kick. This is a fund raiser for Riley Hospital, and is strictly optional.