EAT Semester Exam

By: Brianna Barrow

Tafe/Ed Rising and TRAFLES

Teaching- I intern at W.A. Porter elementary school in Ms. Filis' kindergarten class. I help with reading to the students and helping the students when Ms. Filis is busy with other students.

Recreation- I will be participating in our class' Christmas party. We will be having a Secret Santa exchnange, watching a movie, and drinking hot chocolate.

Appreciation- For teacher appreciation we got Mrs. Kallas an appointment to get a massage and assorted hot cocoa mixes. Also, I made my field site teacher a decorative block, kind of like a name plate.

Fundraising- I participated in our cookie dough fundraiser we had at the beginning of the year.

Leadership- In my field site classroom, I take leadership by helping students when Ms. Filis is busy with other students. Also, by helping keep the students organized, quiet ad under control when Ms. Filis is having to do something else. Also, I helped lead middle schoolers around the BCTAL for a tour.

Education Awareness- Before Thanksgiving break we had colleges come to the BCTAL to explain and go over their information and the things we need to do if we want to attend. We had visits from UNT, TCU, UTArlington, and Texas Wesleyan.

Service- Nothing yet, but we are currently planning to do something.

My Future as a Teacher

What I have done to prepare myself to be a teacher is join my Teaching and Education class, for starters. Also, when I go to my field site I make sure that there is something I am doing in which I could learn from. Also, by making sure I am helping out when it is needed.

I have taken my SAT and I take my ACT on February 6th. I am going to attend TCC for a year to get some basic credits. Then, transfer to a university. I want to either attend University of North Texas, University of Texas at Austin, Texas Christian University, or Texas Womens University. I have visited University of North Texas and Texas Christian University. My dream school is University of North Texas because I have always wanted to attend that school. I took a college visit last year and fell in love with the campus. I have heard nothing but great things about UNT. I have applied to all of the universities that are under consideration and I haven't received any acceptance letters yet. If I get accepted into the UNT then I plan on living in a dorm my first year and most likely get an apartment the next years. I've applied for a couple scholarships, but I need to apply for more.