UUFC Grounds News

Taking down the wall opened up our entrance to make the Fellowship more inviting. It also opened up new possibilities for beautification of the entryway. I’ve been working, along with some dedicated volunteers, to do just that and their help is much appreciated! In May we planted creeping phlox, Siberian iris (donated by Charlotte Holmes) a butterfly bush and a clump of river oats. On September 26th, we continued the project, planting 2 dwarf Encore azaleas, some hardy begonias and a Knock Out rose. Nancy McMasters donated the money used to buy the azaleas and rose, and her generosity is much appreciated! I have propagated many of the other plants from my home garden.

On October 25th, during the Memorial Service, the congregation will install memorial daffodils, which is a tradition that the Reverend Terre Balof has started here at UUFC. We will till up the soil in advance, and I’d like to thank Jim Rodgers for using his truck to transport my tiller. Soon after the daffodil planting, we will sow milkweed seeds, donated by Caroline Turner, and plant chrysanthemums in and around the daffodil planting, to fill in when the bulbs die back for the summer. I realize that there may be a time when this area is used to improve the handicap accessibility of our entrance so only bulbs, herbaceous perennials and annuals are being installed in the potential path of that renovation. These can be easily moved to other locations. Here are some photos of my awesome volunteers! Thank you, thank you, thank you!