Culture Patterns and Proccesses


Had Power

Group that got the power in the beginning was the Army & Wealthy. That group had 200 MSU's. They also had the power to silence people for 10 MSU's. The Guerillas and the Army & wealthy had the power to play the "Power cards".

Shifting Power

Balance of the power was shifted dramatically in the end. The government had twenty MSU's and ended up with one hundred and ninety. Also the Peasants & workers had zero MSU's and on month three had one hundred and fifty. The balance of the power was mostly in the peasants because of the votes. The votes influences everyone.

Confilct and Cooperation

Conflict was shown by making treaty's. On month two the guerillas and the army tried to make a treaty. Conflict came in when we had to ask the US for there input because they could take all of are MSU's for both groups. We had cooperation in are last treaty more than half of our group agreed and we aliened with the government and the Peasants.

Role the US had

The role the US had was they were trying to help the Guatemalan country. They were keeping watch on the country. They wanted to keep peace. No fighting.
When a country's power shifts it affects one in a negative way because that country is losing MSU's. On the other side that one is getting affected in a better way. There gaining MSU's and gaining more power.

My own life

One way I've had cooperation in my life is when my family.

Way that my family has conflict is when we go out to dinner we never know where we want to go. Then if we cant decide in a matter of fifteen minutes my dad gets really mad and we don't go out to dinner. or even, he will bring us to awful place.