Leveled Library

The leveled library is a great resource for your literacy small groups as well as other needs.

How to use the Leveled Library

1. Know the students' reading levels. This can be found through DRA or Istation. A Conversion chart is located in the level library.

2. Use the clip with your name or grade level to check out books.

  • The fiction books are in the white boxes
  • Non-fiction books are at the end of the level in the colored or brown boxes
  • Math books are in the boxes labeled Math
  • Social Studies books are in the boxes labeled SS
  • Nature/Science books are in boxes labeled NS

3. When you're done with the books, please put them back in the box with the clip. The level and box number are on the outside of the bag. If you're not sure where the books go, please put them in my mailbox or ask me.

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Extra clips and chalk marker to label more clips.

Lessons for Journey books located in the leveled library and in the staff shared drive.

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Available for check out!