Solar System Exploration

Sophie O'Connell

Pre 1900 :

Johannes Kepler

Dates of birth and death

Johannes Kepler was born 27/12/1571 and died on the 15/11/1630.


Johannes Keler was a mathematician, astronomer and a astrologer. His maths got him a long way with schools.


Johannes Kepler discovered also demonstrated how the Earth orbits around the sun . Another discovery was how the planets do not orbit in a perfect circle. He also discovered how the Earth spins to get day and night he done this in the 1600.

Technologies Used

He mainly used his math skills. His maths got him far in life with all the schools he went toand all the awards he recived.

Contuributions to Knowledge

Johannes kepler helped people understand how the Earth orbits around the sun he also helped us understand how we get day and night .

Post 1900 : Mars Rover


The Mars Rover landed on Mars on the 24/1/04.

The Goal

They were hopeing to find a characterize range og rocks ans soil that holds clues to past water activity on Mars.

Technologies Used

They had to use little busters, parashoots and camara.They also had to get more busters and more parashoots to land back on Earth.


The mission was for 90days in that 90 days the Rover has evidence of flowing water on Mars.

Additional Information

The Rover got stuck in some soft soil on Mars witch was a big set back for research.