by: Patrick holland

Typing web

  • You have first quarter to do intermediate
  • But you do it to help your typing
  • Then you had second quarter to do advanced


  • You described about your self
  • But you did not have to present
  • Still you needed to finish it no mater what

Haiku Deck

  • You had to talk about your dream job
  • What you would do in that job
  • But you do have to present

Explain Everything

  • You have to pick a math problem
  • Then you have to do the math
  • Next you have to explain how you did it

Career Locker

  • You had to find what your dream job was
  • Next you had to add photos to each slid
  • Then you presented what you would do in that job


  • You had to get to the 10th section of coding
  • Then you if you got that done you would get a 4
  • But you get to code what you want on coding games