The Greatness Of India

By Braelon Palmer


The giant, gorgeous, great Himalayas Mountains that capture the land of India. Also that land of India is a peninsula which is around three bodies of water and they are Bay of Bengal, Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean. In India they have the monsoon tropical where there is heat and rain and the Ganges River is the main river source.


In India they have the most beautiful and unique animals like the finger monkeys and tigers. The amazing and awesome animals have lots of different species and that you can see these animals around the are of India also in the tropical place. Another thing is that there is smaller animals and big animals likes rhinos and lions. The peacock is the national animals for India.

Mohenjo- daro

In Mohenjo- daro was the largest city in the Indus river. Also that around the cites time it had over 35,000 people living there around that time. Most of the place that lived around that time most of the people were builders and were creative with there ideas.

Things To Do

There is a lot of things to do like go hiking in in the Himalayas. Also diving in the Ganges River and as hot as a oven in the hot sun would be good to go swimming.