Gregor Mendel

Man of Genetics

Young Life

Many success but also had troubles.

At young age was sent to boarding school in Germany later was accepted to University of Olomouc.

But he couldn't afford school and later couldn't pass the teacher exams

Experiment Design

Mendel used pea plants for his works, they too less time to grow and crossbreed.

With a green and yellow pea plant breed together the resulting seeds are all yellow but the next generation would then have some green seeds. There was 3:1 ration for all the physical things.


In one generation there was 5474 round seeds and 1850 angular seeds, the ration for this is 3:1.

The Reactions

No one found his work useful as it was done on pea plants witch don't resemble humans, because of this no one read his work till years later.


With his work we know that there are some dominant traits and some recessive or codominant and some skip generations.


Dominant: Gene that will overpower another

ex:The yellow in the seeds was the dominant trait.

Recessive: Gene that gets covered up by a dominant gene

ex:The green in the seeds was the recessive trait.

CoDominant: Gene that is neither dominant nor recessive (both would show up)

ex: in the third generation the seeds were both yellow or green.