Navel Hospital Camp Lejuene

Information About the Hospital

Size of Hospital

Staff assigned to the hospital in May 1943 consisted of 51 Officers, 90 Navy Nurses, 270 Navy Corpsmen and 150 Civilian employees.

The hospital reached its highest patient load of 2,087 during WWII. Beds were placed in passageways and double-deck bunks were used extensively. During the Korean War, the peak census was about 1,865, including many Army patients suffering from frostbite injuries.

Type of Facility

A non-profit Government Facility that serves the military community through excellence in:
  • Operational Readiness

  • Patient and Family-Centered Care

  • Professional Development

Primary Caculaty Receiving Facility

In January 2005, Naval Hospital Camp Lejeune became the primary casualty receiving facility when II MEF became the predominant force in theater in continuing OIF, receiving about 30 casualties of war, a month. Currently, the hospital has deployed staff in Afghanistan, Kuwait, Cuba, and the Horn of Africa, and, the proud staff of Naval Hospital Camp Lejeune consists of approximately 240 Officers, 600 Sailors, over 1000 civilians and contractors, and our many dedicated volunteers.

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