Nathan Twining

Look back at the early command of a general

!5th Command

Nathan Twining grew up in Wisconsin and graduated from West Point in 1918. He went to flying school and graduated in 1924. Nathan Twining took command of the American 15th Air Force, stationed in southern Italy, from Jimmy Doolittle on January 3rd, 1944. Twining wasted little time and soon go this men flying sorties across Italy, Germany, and the Balkans.

"Big Week"

February 20th marked a major part in the career of Nathan Twining and the 15th Air Force overall. It was the beginning of "Big Week," a week where the allies executed many bombing runs across the week. Monday, the bombers flew, but Tuesday and Wednesday, the weather held them down. The 15th was able to fly for the rest of the week.

"Big Week" Targets

Most of the targets bombed during big week were industrial centers. The strategy was to beat down German aircraft before they were ever made to gain air superiority. While most of the bombing runs were successful by both the 8th in the north and the 15th in the south, there was little to no drop in the production of German aircraft.