3rd Grade

April 27-May1

Our Contact

Ms. Mottern: motternjo@tfsd.org

Mrs. Hugill: hugillbr@tfsd.org

Mrs. Blick: blickju@tfsd.org

You can also reach Ms. Mottern and Mrs. Hugill through your Bloomz Page and Mrs. Blick through your Dojo Page

***Assignments with 3 stars next to them are priority items. If you cannot do everything, please do the items with 3 stars next to them first.


Students with Internet Access:

60 minutes daily: Core Instruction:

  • 20 minutes do daily assignments assigned to you on Wonders/ConnectEd (clever)
  • 20 minutes silent read
  • ***20 minutes iStation Reading (clever)

Students without Internet Access:

60 minutes daily: Core Instruction:

  • 20 minutes silent read
  • ***40 minutes work on Unit 5 Week 3 packet

Spelling Words:


basket, rabbit, lesson, letter, invite, bedtime, mammal, number, fellow, chapter, follow, problem, chicken, butter, napkin


Students with Internet Access:

15 minutes daily: Math Fact Fluency (choose from the following options):

60 minutes daily: Core Instruction (complete one lesson before choosing optional games):

Students with no Internet Access:

15 minutes daily: Math Fact Fluency:

  • Flashcards

45 minutes daily: Core Instruction

  • Math Games from the packet (be sure to do at least 2 multiplication and 2 fraction games per week)
  • Finish math worksheets from the packet


30 minutes daily writing: On Friday, choose your favorite response and email it to your teacher.

Students will look at the question and write for 3-5 minutes on answering the question. Tell the students to use their imagination and answer it the best that they can. Then have the student share with you what they think the answer is. Watch the video and read the passage. Have them write down at least 3 things they have learned after listening or reading the answer to the question. If you have siblings at home with you, share your writing with them. This would be a great opportunity to try out the “Try it Out” activities at the end of the reading passage. Please choose one daily or one of the writing prompts.

· Daily Wonder #217 "Do Moms Have Eyes in the Backs of Their Heads?"

· https://wonderopolis.org/wonder/do-moms-have-eyes-in-the-backs-of-their-heads

· Daily Wonder #588 "How Many Ways Can You Say Mom?"

· https://wonderopolis.org/wonder/how-many-ways-can-you-say-mom

· Daily Wonder #1069 "How Do Bulletproof Vests Work?"

· https://wonderopolis.org/wonder/How-Do-Bulletproof-Vests-Work

· Daily Wonder #1756 "How Do Trains Work?"

· https://wonderopolis.org/wonder/how-does-a-train-work

· Daily Wonder #1453 "Why Are Bugs Attracted to Light?"

· https://wonderopolis.org/wonder/why-are-bugs-attracted-to-light

Students with no Internet Access:

30 minutes daily writing: Choose your favorite response and email it to your teacher on Friday.

Students will write for 20 minutes and illustrate a picture for 10 minutes on one writing prompt daily. Please make sure students use full sentences and correct punctuation. Must be 5 sentences or longer. Have the student share the story with you or share it with someone at home. Be creative and have fun!

Prompt #1

· I love my mom because…?

Prompt #2

· If my mom had a super power, it would be? Write a story about it.

Prompt #3

· If you could give your mom anything in the world for Mother’s Day, what would it be?

Prompt #4

· If I had a superpower it would be? Write a story about it.

Prompt #5.

· What would it be like to go skydiving? Would you try it?



For students without Internet Access:

  • Read Chapter 12 Lesson 2: Read pages 332-337 Answer checkpoint questions on pages 333, 335 and 337
  • Read pages 338-343 Answer checkpoint questions on pages 339, 341 and 343

Your Choice Learning

30 minutes per day! These sites can be accessed through Clever


30 Minutes per day

Please see the specials page on the Smore home site!

Parent's Corner

Teacher Survey:

Please visit the following website and complete the teacher survey: https://bickelelementary.blogspot.com/

Class Meetings:

Both classes are planning to meet with Zoom on Fridays. Mrs. Hugill and Ms. Mottern's class will meet at 2:15, and Mrs. Blick's will meet at 11:00 am.

Logging on to Istation:

We just found out some interesting information about Istation. If you are trying to get on using a home computer or tablet, you need to download the app first. Go to istation.com. At the top of the page, there is a button that says 'download and technical into'. It tells you how to download it on any system. If you haven't been able to use it, this might be why.

Remember to use Clever!

The students will be accessing all their password-protected apps through Clever. Their Clever login is the same login they use to login to their Chromebooks. If you checked out a Chromebook, it's most likely not theirs. When they turn it on they will need to add a user. From there, they will use their normal Chromebook Login, if they don't know it, please reach out to their teacher.