Ms. Posey's 2nd Period

Great Gatsby Cost of Living

Gas Prices

The average cost of gas in 1920 was 20 cents, while today, in 2014, gas averages at roughly $2.10 per gallon.

Average Price of Home

The average price of a house in 1920 was $7000, today it is $188000.

Average Price of Car

The average cost of a vehicle in the 20's was around $1200 compared to modern day cost of a vehicle being around $30,000.>20scars

Average Price of Food

A gallon of milk was 56 cents, and today it is 3.67. A loaf of bread was 9 cents, and today it is 2.39 and a dozen eggs was 49 cents and today it is 4.17

Average Wages

In the 1920's the average wages per year were $750.00 and wages per year in 2015 is $45,000.00.

Average price of children's clothing

The average cost of boys clothing in the 1920s was 8 dollars and girls clothing was 3 dollars. Today the average cost of girls clothing is 50 dollars and boys clothing is 64 dollars.



1920: $100-$250 Now: Up to $4000


1920: $50-$100 Now: $400-$500


1920: $300 Now: $4000+

Women's Clothing

1920: $2.00-$20.00 Now:$30.00-$50.00

Men's Clothing

1920 shoes cost up to $3.80. Today the average price is $70. A suit cost $30 in the 1920's and about $230 today. This price includes a tie.

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