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January 3 & 4 Lesson Plans

Please use the following guidelines for planning lessons for January 3 & 4. Please plan to spend lots of time celebrating your reunification as a "School Family"...share your joys and have some fun together. Really spend time on those Conscious Discipline routines and rituals. Practice all of those little routines that you forget they need to practice (lining up, putting coat on, sitting at circle). Focus your book on family/ Put all those crafts aside and do a self portrait or some open ended art...enjoy a few days together relearning what it means to be a school family.

If you haven't had a chance to try something new, this is the time. Thanks for setting aside a little bit of time to get everyone back into the groove of being part of a "school family".

Please watch for a social story and morning routine pages to go home on Tuesday with your kids. We will then follow up with a call to parents the afternoon of Monday, Jan 1 to remind them school starts Wednesday and to read the social story in their backpack.

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Paradise Park TONIGHT

I am hopeful that you have let your families know when you will be present at Paradise Park. If you want to bring your children/grandchildren to this event, you are welcome!! It was a great event last year and the mess is at someone else's house....the best kind of party to host!!
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Cadet Teacher

There is a student who has spent this semester cadet teaching in 2nd grade and has done an amazing job. She is part of the "Pre-Professional Educator Cadet" class. She truly has a desire to get any experience she can before going to college for her education degree. She is looking for a teacher who will provide her with the opportunity to work directly with students and who is also willing to give kind but honest feedback. Let me know if YOU are the teacher this cadet is looking for.
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Do you have yarn at home? We could use it for bus tags.....please bring any "leftover yarn" you may have and place it in the bottom drawer marked "bus tags". THANK YOU SO MUCH
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UCM Partnership...building our legacy

I meet with Karrie Snider from UCM's early childhood department next week. We are working on a project that will bring UCM education students to our classrooms as juniors. We are going to lay out expectations of GBEEC staff and expectation of UCM students.

When I look at our future here at GBEEC, I am a bit overwhelmed by the number of staff retirements in the next five years. We will literally have hundreds of years of experience walk out of our doors. One way to help ensure our legacy of quality programming for kids is to grow/recruit the next generation...that is what this partnership is all about for me.

If you have ideas or concerns you would like to share about this possibility, send them to me prior to Tuesday afternoon....I will include them in my conversation with UCM.

THANK YOU so much! More to come on this opportunity to grow our next generation of early educators.



  • Purchasing Cards:

  • Please allocate any November purchases and submit your allocation report to the office by 12/13.

  • Deadline for purchases is 12/20/17. Please make sure purchases will be delivered before 12/20/17. (No one will be at school to accept deliveries during Winter Break.)

  • Staff Absence: If you secure a Para sub through the District, please include the sub’s name in your email to the office.

  • Mail procedure instructions and mail supplies are in the File Room. Please remember to place KC Presort slip on mail and secure with a rubber band.

  • Please notify the office if a Title student is now eligible to receive Special Education services. Please place the Title cumulative file in the brown file.

  • Regarding time off requests, classified staff will still need to request the entire time off. If they request 4 hours and they return after 4 hours plus some, they will need to modify this time off request or work the extra time before the end of the week.


December - Tornado Drill

Upcoming Events:

12/15 4:00-7:00 Ginormous Gingerbread House

12/20 Early Release Day

12/20 8:30 Collab Meeting

12/21-1/1 Winter Break

1/2 No School - Teacher Workday

1/2 8:00 Staff Meeting - Certified

1 /5 8:30 SBT Meeting

1/5 3:00 Para Meeting

1/11 9:30-10:30 Miller Park Service Day

1/19 8:30 Collab Meeting

St. Teresa’s Service Week 2/20-2/23/18

Emily Robyn Campbell

Talia Parra Paige

Annabelle Meloy Johnson

Emily Reib Latendresse

Jaden Donigan Fleming

Holly Vervaecke Bobbitt

Ally Terry Hayes

Grace Marshall Myers

Returning Students:

Julia Mantel Willis

Cassidy Schuster Kelderman

Sophia Bunch Keezer

Megan Warnecke Parker

Jeanie and Kerry

Monday - Jeanie here, Kerry Holy Spirit until 1:00, 2:00 UCM mtg for partnership

Tuesday - Jeanie 10:30 home visit, Kerry 8:30-10:30 NEE Training

Wednesday - Kerry Mtg with DESE in Jeff City, Jeanie here

Thursday - Kerry works this day, in building totally alone, watch for dance video post!!