PACE Newsletter

Week of January 19th-23rd

Dear PACE Parents,

Dear PACE Parents,

There is not a new parent letter this week, because the homework assignment is the same. This is the time in the research project when we look for information on the topics. Once we find the sources (books, internet articles, etc.) the students will need to bring those to class for the next 3-4 weeks. We will be working on bibliography cards and then start taking notes on our topics.

Thank you for supporting the PACE program!

Meg Farley

Next Friday, January 30th I will be out, but the students will STILL have PACE. I have a substitute lined up that is a former PACE student that attended Gililland when she was little!!


Since I will be out next week, the students need to wait to bring their books and articles on Friday, February 6th!!!

Please bring books or articles about your research topic. The 2nd/3rd graders need at least 2 sources of information and the 4th/5th graders need at least 3 sources of information. If you are unable to print at your house, please copy down the website url for us to look up in class.