Humanitarian Aid: Linda's Voice

Ruhi Deshmukh- 4th

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The Mission

The mission of Linda’s Voice is to help educate the world on domestic abuse, work together to end it, and to help those in an abusive relationship walk away from their abuser and live their life to the fullest.

The Story

After their mother was killed by her abuser, the three sisters created this organization in 2012 in order to spread awareness of the reality of domestic abuse. Family led, by sisters, Amanda Whitis, Kelley Whitis, and summer Harlow, their organizatin and story is reaching global recognition.

Level of Success

The main form of doation is through a "donations" tab on their website. This is a non-profit organization and all proceeds go to research and toward providing for safe houses for escaped women until they can get back on their feet; interested volunteers can also join the Linda's Voice team and help the cause.

The Need

This organization is extremely important and helpful in spreading awreness. However, the money they recieve is not particularly dire to their cause. Organizations like these should focus more or raising awareness and helping others through means without currency. Domestic Abuse is a very serious an prominent issue around the world and this organization is doing a very good job of sharing their story, however, raising funds is not as important to this particular foundation.

The Credibility

Created in 2012 they have accomplished a lot in a short amount of time. Their organization being barely four years old is already thriving and growing globally. They have gained recongition from many famous celebrities, figures, and organizations. They have created connections and spread the world around the world, making their organization go global. Among their sponsor is actress Eva longoria; she says:

Linda's daughters are doing a wonderful job of creating a support system for victims of domestic abuse and inspiring them to reclaim their lives. I highly recommend everyone to take notice of the movement that Linda's Voice is creating.

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Website Analysis

The goals of this organization are to to "provide women with the resources they need to walk away from abusive relationships, to become a safe community and supported network for women to share their stories, [and] to develop a credible and trusted media presence educating and inspiring others from different communities".

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