Sickle Cell In Africa

By:Tatyana Anthony

Facts about Sickle Cells

1- Their are a lot of people suffering from Sickle Cells aka " Anemia "














Very rare

10 facts about the diease

1- You can get it from a parent or the parent can pass it down to their child

2- you will get tested for Sickle Cells

3-Requires a Medical Diagnosed

4-The cells start to break down in the body

5- The cells start to die early in the body

6- The cells can block the way you get air from or oxygen from .

7- Then you will start to get pain

8- Then they also start to decrease in the shape

9- It can also be Inherited

10- Their is not enough blood cells to carry oxygen in the body


Mediterranean Is the place in Africa where it is found most commonly at with the high percentage of Africa

Is this region Rich or Poor

This region is poor because they don't have the right equipment for trying to help the people that can get sickle cells


Poverty is playing a huge role because they don't have what is take to try and stop the sickle disease that is spreading and it just keeps on spreading


Their is no treatment for sickle cells but their is medication that you can take to help you ease the pain like blood transfusion .
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Impacting on Africa

Sickle cells are impacting Africa really bad and 1 in 500 Africans have sickle cells and they pass it on to their off springs when they are born . and it had lead to death . and their is 15% people that are being killed in Africa from Sickle Cells

Major or Minor Issue

This is a Major Issue because their are no cure for Sickle Cells But they do cause pains in the body and their Medication that they can take but they can't pay for it

Limit to disease

They can try and get some help from other countries and different leaders