Indian slums in water crisis

Unhygienic, polluted, unsanitary water that leads to illness

World water crisis

In the world 90 million people have no access to clean water and 2.5 billion people have no where to dispose of their human waste. More than 3.3 million people die each year, that are mostly children under the age of five, because of their lack of hygiene, toilets and dirty water.

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Kamla Nehru Nagar, India

In the city slum of Kamla Nehru Nagar in India, there are 1,200 households with just a few hand pumps. Of the few hand pumps there are only 2 that pump safe water. The people that live in the slum are mostly maids, shop/street vendors, rickshaw pullers, drivers and sanitation workers. Some women that live in the slum make blankets, which take about three days to make and only earn between 60-70 rupees.

Unhygienic and Unmaintained sanitation block

The slum is located next to a drain, which has had a toilet block built next to it. Children are scared of using these sanitation blocks because some children have fallen in into the drain, which that has continual urine and feces flowing in it. There are two sanitation blocks, one with four community toilets and the other fifteen toilets. They are badly maintained, especially the block with just four toilets. The government installed the blocks and it is there responsibility to maintain the sanitation blocks but they clearly they don’t and they are in desperate need for attention, needing repair and renovations. Theses sanitation blocks don’t have a water way and they don’t have an outlet for the waste. The people don’t have a option or alternative to using these sanitation block.

Personal preference

When i visited this slum i was disgusted and felt so sorry for the poor people that had been forced to live in such outrageous conditions. The water was so polluted and unhygienic but yet the people of the the slum drank it like ordinary water. Even the safest water, that came from hand pumps, was still not entirely clean, and out of the ten of the hand pumps only two pumps pump safe water. The sanitation block was the worst it was filthy, it stank, only unsanitary water, but almost the entire slum used it in one day and it is unmaintained.