YPK Open House

Ysleta Pre-K Center, Thursday, 1/21/21 (rev 3/12/21)

Welcome to On Campus Instruction!

Hello Teddy Bear Families,

We are so excited to have your child back on campus! Thank you so much for sharing them with us and trusting us to take the very best care of them. We are committed to ensuring all families have an excellent educational experience - welcome back! :)

PS- Please view this short video on how to translate this newsletter to Spanish.


Open House Information & Sign In Sheet

This Parent Open House information is available to all YPK families who have decided to return to campus for face to face instruction.

Please don't hesitate to call contact your teacher or our Front Office Team if you have further questions after reviewing the information below. We are here to support you in any way we can.


All attendees who review the meeting information please use sign in sheet link below - thank you for your participation!

Parent Sign In Sheet to YPK Meeting:


Ysleta ISD & YPK Safety Plan and Protocols

English Safety Plan & Protocols:


Spanish Safety Plan and Protocols:


YISD Back to School Central:


  • Includes sample videos showing safety procedures students will participate in on campus.

NEW JAN 2021 *** Permission Slip for Student to Rapid Test***

YPK Rapid Testing Procedures English:


YPK Rapid Testing Procedures Spanish:


Options to return permission slip: (attached PDF below)

  • Front Office Team will call to get verbal permission ahead of Monday 3/22 - please return signed paper permission slip asap to replace the verbal ok.
  • Print, sign and email paper slip back to teacher.
  • Send with student in their back pack the week of 3/22.

Student Transportation Options

YPK Driveway Procedures:

Thank you for keeping your mask on as our YPK team assists your student in and out of the car.


Bus Selection:

If you have not already done so with the Office Team, please review the PDF of the Bus Schedule provided directly below this section. Submit the YPK Bus Route Selection Form --> https://forms.gle/wj8qoEJbkF565Evh7 so we may ensure your child's travel is on file with the YISD Transportation Department.

What to Bring - Week 1

Please return all school supplies and iPad/charger in student's back pack so we may continue using them on campus - thank you!

Please reference the RED Campus Communication folder in your child's backpack for the following important documents. Please return the signed and completed documents on Day 2 in the red folder in your child's backpack.

  • (White) Emergency Parent Pick Up Form - (Return to Teacher in student backpack.)
  • (White) Rapid Testing Permission Slip (Return to Teacher in student backpack.)
  • (Pink) Student Pick Up Cards - Fill out FRONT & BACK before Day 1 back on campus and keep in your wallet OR take a pic of the completed FRONT & BACK on your phone. Issue extra cards to those family members/close friends you are allowing to pick up your child.(parent copy)
  • Student Badge (please clip to student shirt each day before school)
  • Bus Schedule (parent copy)
  • Driveway Dashboard Card (parent copy)
  • YISD Sick Day Guidelines (parent copy)

Friendly Reminders

  • YPK Uniform Shirts ($10), Spirit Shirts ($10) and Sweaters ($15) are available for purchase. Please call the Front Office at 434-9500 to arrange for curbside pick up. Cash only please, if possible please bring exact amount.
  • We do have gently used uniforms (sizes xs and small are left) that we can provide to families in need while supplies last. Please call our Communities in School Coordinator for more information. Daicie Valdiviezo 434-9565