Should Abortion be Legal?

By: Haylee Tompkins

Reasons It Should Be Legal

  • To prohibit abortions does not stop them. When women feel it is absolutely necessary, they will choose to have abortions, even in secret, without medical care, in dangerous circumstances.
  • If the child was posing a risk to the mother or vise versa.
  • Say the child is almost certain to have a sever mental illness, or would not ever be able to live with out assistance, then their abortion should be legal.
  • If the child's life is bound to be horrible, dangerous and threatening to them.
  • Out-lawing abortion is discrimination to low-income women who would have it done anyway in a sketchy back alley medical facility, which could be harmful to their health.
  • If women were forced to carry unwanted children, and deliver them, they are most defiantly going to give them up for adoption. This will result in a larger number of unwanted children.
  • If the conception of the child was unlawful or created by incest.

Reasons It Should Be Illegal

  • Life starts and the moment of conception. The fetus is a living being and doesn't have a choice.
  • It may be unsafe to the mother and her health if not done correctly.
  • The abortion may have adverse affects on the mother and her family. Mentally, they may suffer from the idea of taking a child that they conceived, that was theirs, and killing them.
  • The fact that you are actually taking someones life, that it could be considered murder.
  • Adoption is a better option, even if the child is unwanted, at least they are alive.
  • Doctors are suppose to save lives, not take them, according to the oath they take.

My Opinion....

Abortion should be legal. Like I said before, if the idea of the child living would be worse than if they had died, why would you want to put them in that situation? If aborting them is so inhumane, then isn't leaving them to be unloved and unwanted even more cruel? If the child was to grow up and not be able to ever care for themselves, then that would not only be not fair to them, but the family also. The hardship of having a mentally ill child is not one any family should have to bare. Also, the point that life begins at the moment of conception isn't necessarily true, to me. Being in your mothers womb and having complete dependence isn't living. It's depending. There is also the issue of a woman being raped by an unknown person or a family member. Why would they, or the child for that matter, have to deal with that the rest of their lives? That they were illegally conceived, of that their child was one of a sort of sin.

But all of that being said, abortion is not a form of birth control. It should only be used in special cases where the abortion of the child would be better to them and the family, not just because you don't want to have a child, or because you decided to do bad things with some one when you were way to young to be doing so.