Instructional Technology News for September/October

Technology Rockstars Abound in TISD

The Instructional Technology department would like to recognize the following teachers for their “Rockstar” technology skills.

What qualities make a Tyler ISD Technology Rockstar? Here is a short list of some rock star qualities.

* Learning something new and engaging students

* Using Interactive Technology

* Assisting Peers

* Problem Solving


Terms and conditions of being a Rockstar may vary from campus to campus. Rockstars prizes may not be available in all areas and are subject to availability. Not responsible for direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages caused by cheering students. Being a Rockstar will not necessarily make your kids think you are “cool”, but this has happened in the past. Please contact your campus ITS for further information.

And The Winners Are...

September/October Winners

REL: Jade Gomez , Alicia Howell, Nick Bledsoe, Bobby Richardson

JT: Travis Brown, Stefanie Gaitan, Patricia Bajali, Nakena Bayless

PACE: Denny Cowan

Plyer: Vincent Jarrett

Boulter: Chris Wyman, Sallie Austin

Dogan: Betty Berndt, Hunter McConnell, Kristin Carter, Phillip Pace

Hogg: Adrienne Ford, Mathew Bradley

Hubbard: Bryan Davis, Cindy Nick, Rebecca Clements, Stacy Rains

Moore: Ross Baker, Melissa Kimbrough

Stewart: Vernette Conrod, Norma McClung

Austin: Debra Ketcham, Christy Scharf

Bell: Jo Ann Glover, Ciara O'Neal

Birdwell: Laura Swartz, Luz Owens

Bonner: Jane Maloney, Stephanie Jones

Clarkston: Anna Dickey, Karri Olhausen

Dixie: Linda Swindle, Camille Buie

Douglas: Sonia Limas, Cassie Whitham

Owens: Melissa McElveen, Ruby Martin

Caldwell: Cynthia Bowie, Gina Sanchez

Griffin: Peggy Volmer, Marcie Fowler

Jones: Jana McWain, Anne Bingham

Orr: Odon Yun, Ramon Carrasco

Peete: Wanda Wilson, Tim McCormick

Ramey: Jenelle McClure, Gina Jenkins

Rice: Laura McNeel, Robin Litzenberger

Woods: Darla Campbell, Cindy Alexander

Jack: Samantha Jensen, Ginger Pippin

Boshears: Lawren Phillips

St. Louis ECC: Brashante Thompson, Sandra Hendrix

Target: Melisa Leblanc

A few pictures of our winners....

Melissa Kimbrough

Moore Middle School

Ross Baker

Moore Middle School

Vincent Jarrett


What we learn from 5 million books

Do you like words? Have you ever wondered when the word lackadaisical first appeared in the written text? For those of us who have wondered, our good friends at Google have come to the rescue.

The Google Library Project began in 2004. As of March 2012, Google reported it had scanned some 20 million books. Just in case you're curious, Google's Elphel camera can scan 1,000 pages per hour. Impressive.

So, what does this have to do with the history of words? The 20 million books that Google has scanned are all books that are out of print and in the public domain. Think back to Mr. Bowtie, and you will remember how old that makes these books. These books date back to the 1500's.

With all these books digitized, Google created the Google Ngram Viewer which allows you to research the usage of a words over time.

What we learned from 5 million books