Greer Middle College Charter H.S.

Wednesday Wrap Up


  • Reminder: PIP is providing our lunch Thursday around 12:45-1:00. You will be called from the phone system. We will meet briefly during the luncheon. When the luncheon is finished, you may leave for the day. All faculty and staff should be in the cafe during this time.
  • There is no Cluster on Friday.
  • We would love for everyone to come to our get together Thursday night. Please include on the form what you are bringing. Link : Here is the address: 27 South Main Street, TR
  • Exams : Jan. 10 or 11 is the date to put in for exam grade (E1). Need help--see me or a teacher buddy. Also, your time will be limited when we come back in January. As PowerTeacher cooperates, make sure you input grades prior to leaving Friday. Speaking of Friday--make up exams are until 12:30. You may leave at 1:00. Make sure heat is off or set at 50 degrees. Make sure room doors are locked and computers are shut down. Phones and computers do NOT have to be unplugged.
  • Do not forget about your 16-17 courses to Vickie by December 18.

  • Glad to see Vickie and Linda back at GMC. Julie has been out and is recovering from surgery. David will have surgery next week and will be out for a few weeks. Good thoughts and prayers to these two through the holidays.

  • Thank you to Mr. Pruitt for his time at GMC. We wish him well on his new venture at Clemson.

  • We should have our temporary science teacher paperwork in by Friday and with us upon January return.

  • Building: the civil engineer will be doing some surveying over our break. An initial test has been done with the hydrants to make sure those can support another building without adding to cost of extra piping.

  • Heads up on payment: you will get paid on the 18th; there will not be another payment until Jan. 15th.

  • January 4 will be our first day back at GMC. We will have professional development during the morning time starting at 8:30. Also, we will have information from Whitney and Heather related to career day and arts intersession. Vickie will provide information about student schedules and report cards.

  • Thanks to Mrs. Allen for planning the Washington DC trip for our students. Here is to a safe trip and take care of my mom!

  • Have a great rest of the week! Get some rest and enjoy Christmas with your family. Happy New Year!