Captain Phillips' Pirates

PLE Room 307

What's New?

Well, I can't believe it is actually 2016. I hope each and every one of you had a restful and wonderful holiday break. I spent the majority of it looking after a sick kiddo and a sick husband, however we found time to celebrate anyway with family and friends. Of course, along with the new year came snow. I was hopeful that we'd make it to February without seeing the fluffy white stuff, but I keep getting reminded that we live in Wisconsin, so I suppose a late December snow storm actually isn't too bad. Anyway, welcome back and I look forward to an exciting new year!


On to Unit 4 we go. In this unit we will be learning about money and subtraction. We did some coin counting today, and most of the kiddos seemed familiar with the value of each coin, however this is always a great skill to continue practicing at home. This is also a reminder that math homework is sent home ALMOST every day (with the exception of Fridays), so please check your child's binder and make sure that they are completing it each night. Thank you!

Reader's Workshop

This week the second grade teachers teamed up to kick-off our exciting new unit on Character Studies! We will be diving deep into books and learning all we can about character traits. We will also be doing an activity where children will have to identify their OWN character traits, so you may want to discuss this over dinner... sooner rather than later! (Wink, wink!)

Writer's Workshop

This month we are switching gears and we are now headed directly into Gripping Fictional Stories! I am anxious to see how your child's imagination begins to bloom throughout this unit.

I will also talk a little about word study here, as it is really related to both reading and writing. Please continue to work on the word study packets each week with your child. This packet is meant to reinforce the skills that your child is learning here in school, and will help them to become both better readers AND better writers.

Binder Q & A

Q: Should I take anything out of the binder?

A: If something is shoved in a pocket, it can come out. A few kiddos have reading logs in a pocket and those can stay, however PLEASE go through your child's binder and take out the stuff that's not in the 3-ring part.

Q: Should my child bring this home everyday?

A: Yes. This is for you to see some of the things we are doing in the classroom. It is kind of a "traveling portfolio". That being said, please remember to return it everyday!

Q: Can I take out the graded papers?

A: ONLY the things that are shoved in the pockets should be taken out. Once we finish a unit, I will let you know and you can keep those things at home. This is to help show growth throughout a unit/grading period/year.