We must say the pledge!!!!!!!

join this epic debate!!

Join the debate of reciting the pledges!!!!!

You should join this debate over reciting the pledge because it teaches you a lot of reasons why you should say the pledge, and it is not a waste of your time!!!PLEASE JOIN!!

Talked about anyday if you'd like!!!!!!!!!!!!

These are some good agreeing peers!!!!!

Proven to be fun and competative in a good way!!!

We must say the pledge!!!

You must join this debate because it is good to fallow the law and say the pledge! We say the pledge because it is honoring our state and america. Another reason why we should say the pledge is because it is a law and we must always fallow our laws in america so we don't get beaten in our schools,(most of schools don't have kids getting beaten when not saying the pledge)and so we don't get arrested. There is another reason which is my favorite, and that is that we should say the pledge because soldiers fought and most of them died for us and our freedom. That is a very good reason because we should always thank humans and other living things and be grateful for what they did for us by saying the pledge. I think that if the soldiers and the army and military got texas and america for us than we should thank them by saying the american flag and texas flag. I think that we should all cherish our flags and soldiers! All teachers like it when students obey their rules and so do principals do as well. So when it comes to saying the pledge and the students refuse to recite he pledge then they will get in huge trouble with either the teacher, the principal or worse both. In maryland when a student doesn't recite the pledge he/she will be putt in very hot water that hurts and burns, and is considered as a huge punishment for not saying the pledge.I once read a story that a guy at a football game didn't recite the pledge so therefor he was arrested by the police and was in court and jail for quite a while. So this is some basic reasons why we should always say the pledge even when we don't feel up for it because then we are disobeying law and being selfish and crule to the flags. We are all required to say the pledge because it is a law! In schools you only have to say the pledge on the 5 school days and most of the time you don't have to say it on the weekends.