Vol. 2 No. 4 ~ Jan. 14, 2015


This Newsletter:

  • District Storytelling Festival 2015
  • Utah History Day 2015
  • December Secondary Projects
  • Library Spotlight: Wasatch Elementary

9th Annual Ogden School District Storytelling Festival

Wednesday, Jan. 21st, 6:30pm

2828 Harrison Boulevard

Ogden, UT

At: Ogden High School

Come and enjoy an evening of fun and talent as the top student storytellers from elementary to high school share their stories in this showcase event! Top storytellers from the district festival will be invited to the 19th Weber State Storytelling Festival in February.

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Utah History Day 2015

National History Day is coming and it's soon to arrive at the district level. Students 4th - 12th grade are invited to participate in this "history fair" whose theme for 2015 is Leadership and Legacy In History. Students may pick any individual or groups of people on a global, national, or local level who they can defend as an example of leadership. Students can display their work individually or up to a group of 5 people in a variety of categories including exhibits, websites, documentaries, and performances. Individuals may also participate in the historical paper category.

The district History Fair will be on March 9th. The winners of the district fair will advance to the Weber/Davis region competition on March 20th at Weber State University. There are state and national competitions for those who advance beyond the region. For contest information visit Utah History Day's website. For information on the district level please contact Angie Woodring a Below are some examples of exhibits from the 2014 Weber/Davis competition.

December Secondary Projects

Before the holidays the librarians continued working with a new batch of secondary schools in an effort to reach every 7th and 10th grade student, and also work with some other secondary subjects. Projects included research about historical markers in the Ogden Area, the Donner Party, a mock Congress and bill writing simulation, earth science, and research on various industries in Utah's economy. Students worked with Google Classroom and Drive, worked on finding relevant information sources, created digital information products like posters, and many presented their products to their classmates.

Library Spotlight: Wasatch Elementary

Sara Shupe and Paula Stuart have worked very hard to promote reading and make the library an inviting environment at Wasatch Elementary. The ladies have created a very popular "reading passport" that encourages students to read through genres, as well as a regular daily reading program. Sara and Paula also have school library pets, a guinea pig and a snake, that students get to help take care of in the library. Both clerks work hard on their lessons and class management and are making good contributions to the school.

Ogden School District Teacher Librarians

We are excited to co-teach with you in your classroom. Please contact both your principal and one of the DTLs about co-teaching opportunities.

Also, if you have questions or comments about the district library program, please feel free to contact us:


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