The Mexican- American War

By: Maya, Divya and Arabelle

Why did the War Start?

The war started from the U.S. wanting land that Mexico claimed was their's- but Mexico didn't own the land. They began to argue over who's land the land really was, but the U.S. wouldn't go down without a fight. They wanted more land.

Who Initiated the War?

The U.S. President (James K. Polk) initiated the war.

Who was Involved in the War?

The U.S.A. and Mexico were the two sides of the war.

Were There any Allied Forces?

There was no allied forces.

Where did the War Take Place?

An uneven border near the Rio Grande River.

Who was in command of the U.S. and Mexican armies?

The commander of the U.S. is Zachary Taylor. The commander of Mexico is Santa Anna.

How long did the war take?

The war took from 1846 - 1848 [ It took two years ]

Who were some important people in the war?

James K. Polk,Zachary Taylor,Stephen W. Robert F. Stockton,Santa Anna.

How did the president and government help out?

They declared the WHOLE war, they gave money for weapons,and they bought California

[The gold state - they got RICH!]

What weapons did they use?

They used rifles, cannons, swords, and pistols. A lot of ammo was lost in the war.

Was this one big war or were there several small battles?

There were several small battles.


Our sources are, Miss Wood, and our minds