Creations from the Art Room

K through 12 Art - Spring Semester 2023

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Kindergarten Art


Art students in kindergarten loved reading Windblown by Edouard Manceau together. This fun story was about the wind that blew paper pieces around that created shapes. After reading the book, students created their own designs using the same 7 shapes.

1st Grade Art

My Pet Goldfish

Second grade art students enjoyed reading about the author Catherine Rayner's pet goldfish. Many facts about goldfish were included in this fun book. The students created their version of a pet goldfish using the author/illustrator's style.

2nd Grade Art

Who You Were Made to Be

Everyone is created differently and each have different gifts. Students loved how author Joanna Gaines expressed appreciation for each child's talents in her book Who You Were Made to Be. Using bubbles to paint, each student made dots of bubbles for their balloons. They used the book illustrations to inspire their pen drawings to create unique balloons.
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2nd Grade Fabric Arts - French Knitting

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2nd Grade Art Group Project

Vincent Van Gogh’s The Starry Night

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Mrs. Mann’s Class

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Mrs. Moore’s Class

3rd Grade Art

Inside Outside

Third Grade art students enjoyed the illustrations in the book Inside Outside by Lizi Boyd. Each page held a story without words, only pictures! We talked about the art of illustration - telling our story without words. Each student created their own story using drawings similar to what they saw in the book. Look closely and see if you can discover the story these illustrators are hoping to tell you!

4th Grade Inspirational Studies

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4th Grade Inspirational Studies - Ancient Art

4th grade Inspirational Studies students traveled back in time

to the land of Pharaohs and Queens in Egypt. They made a cartouche using hieroglyphs representing the sounds in their name. Click on the image to see the full artwork.

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5th Grade Inspirational Studies


During their study of Medieval art, 5th grade students enjoyed learning about heraldry. Each created a coat of arms based on the rules of heraldry. They were careful to choose a field, charges and tinctures to create their design.
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6th Grade Inspirational Studies

The Renaissance Period

One Point Perspective Gallery

After a picture study of Da Vinci's The Last Supper, students learned about one point perspective and created a Da Vinci gallery.

6th Grade Inspirational Studies Group Project

Value Study of Michelangelo’s Pieta

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JH Art - 2nd Trimester


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Art by Graham D. 7th Grade

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Art by Nathan L. 8th Grade

JH Art - 3rd Trimester

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Art by Brighton B.

Highschool Art - Mixed Media Art Journaling

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Art by Parker D.

Highschool Art - 2D Drawing

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Pastel drawing by Emma A.

“ART...for we all require beauty.” Charlotte Mason

K - 12 Arborbrook Art Teacher