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Lawn & Garden Maintenance Services Australia

Winter is when you should be doing a lot of gardening and garden maintenance because it is the time when you can pave the way for fresh new growth in the coming spring. Winter is also when your garden will be full of dead leaves that should be collected and disposed off least they clog the drains. In fact, winter garden maintenance gives your garden a jump start in spring and your garden responds to your efforts.

If the lawn and garden have not received the attention they deserved in the months preceding winter, you could be in for quite a bit of work in which case, you might probably want to call the local lawn and garden maintenance services in Australia. We personally recommend Fox Mowing;

Fox mowing can handle just about everything that needs to be done in your garden from lawn care to fertilising to garden care, weed control, even pest control, hedging and topiary, landscaping, drain maintenance and so forth.

If you end up actually doing lawn and garden maintenance on your own, what starts as a small cleaning operation usually ends up with a big list of requirements. As you clean, you realise there are a lot of things you've missed. Maybe you notice that the plants are being eaten by some pest or there appears to be water logging in one part of the lawn or some of the sprinklers are not working or clogged and so forth.

Understandably, not many folks like to work in the garden in winter. But if you wait for spring then it would be too late. If your garden did not receive the attention it deserves in the months preceding winter, then you have no option but to get it done in winter.

Apart from lawn and garden maintenance, you might notice that the outbuildings or granny flats need fixing too. Late winter is the best time because you get to take advantage of plant dormancy in late winter gardens as it helps minimise plant damage. With most plants hibernating so to speak, this is the perfect time to use doing preparatory tasks for the oncoming spring season.

We recommend that every plant be pruned at the end of winter when they are dormant – except of course plants that bloom and fruit off of old wood. The science behind pruning when the plant is dormant, is to reduce the loss of life-giving sap. The tree heals quickly.

Winter is also a good time to take out the dead wood and remove shrubs that might have got damaged. Loosening and aerating the soil are other important tasks that need to be carried out during the winter.

So if you have a long list of things to be done for your lawn and garden, and are not sure of how much time you can devote to it yourself, call the Mowing Franchise Opportunities professionals; call Fox Mowing before it is too late.

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