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APRIL 2016 Update Vol 6

It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.

Albert Einstein

NEW Teaching & Learning Site

As promised, we are please to announce the launch of our NEW Teaching and Learning website! This website is designed specifically for teaching staff, and will encompass "all things teaching and learning!" Our primary goal of developing this new website, is to:

  • Communicate - Provide Cedarburg School District teaching staff with the latest, up-to-date information as it pertains to each of our departments.
  • Organize - Bring together a one-stop-shop for you! Different than our school district website (which has the primary purpose of communicating to the public/parents) this website is for teaching staff.
  • Deploy - The nature of teaching and learning is all about making a difference for students. This website will provide you with the latest updates, forms, processes and procedures....all things current or new.

So grateful to serve and support each of you, and ultimately, to make a difference in the lives of each and every Cedarburg School District student.

Ted, Kirstin, Alan, Rachel and Karen

In wisdom gathered over time, I have found that every experience is a form of exploration.

Ansel Adams

Google Expeditions Pioneer Program

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Google Expeditions Pioneer Program visited Cedarburg on Tuesday, April 19. Google Expeditions is a product that allows teachers to take their classes on a virtual field trip, immersing students in experiences that bring abstract concepts to life while giving students a deeper understanding of the world beyond the classroom.

Students and staff from Webster and CHS in Autos, Art, Music, Social Studies, Chemistry, Athletics and more explored curriculum content and points of interest. They used Google Cardboard to explore virtual reality panoramas of locations that we would not be able to see in traditional field trip format such as Mount Everest, Ethiopia, The Great Barrier Reef, CERN and the Subaru Manufacturing plant.

Experience what Google Expeditions is all about in the video below.

Expeditions: Take your students to places a school bus can't



JUNE 14 & 15 Educators who have not completed 13 hours of PL prior to June 15 must attend the June PL days.

"What we resolve to do in school only makes sense when considered in the broader context of what the society intends to accomplish through its educational investment in the young."

Jerome S. Bruner

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