How I Live Now

Rosoff, Meg

Taylor Ekis

Wednesday, March 5th


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Elizabeth (Daisy)

People call her Daisy, she is originally from New York City. She was sent to England to stay with her cousins. The cousins are Edmond, Issac, Osbert, and Piper. Daisy feels like a mother to Piper.


She is the youngest cousin, an looks up to Daisy. Piper and Piper are with each other throughout the whole book.


Edmond is the oldest cousin. He picked Daisy up from the airport. Edmond and Daisy are very close and with each other all the time while at the farm. At the end he calls Daisy on the phone.

Aunt Penn

She is Daisy's aunt, but Edmond, Issac, Osbert, and Piper's mom. She is stuck in Oslo because od the war.


The story takes place in England. They live on a farm with a big house and barn. Then they get transferred to London


Daisy moved from New York City to England to live with her Aunt Penn and four cousins, Edmond, Issac, Osbert, and Piper. There is a war going on. Aunt Penn is stuck in Olso. Military men came to there house to check it out. Later they came back and kicked them out to use the farm as a base station. The kids got sent away to different houses. Daisy and Piper got sent to live with Mrs. McEvoy and Major McEvoy. Edmond, Issac, and Osbert got sent to live on a farm far away. Piper and Daisy want jobs to help out the community. Then, they decide they want to go find the boys. They leave in the middle of the night and go to the woods. Piper finds mushrooms and she says they are safe to eat. When they found the address where the boys were staying they walk up the driveway and they couldn't believe there eyes. There were men dead everywhere and animals dead everyhere. In the barn, they found Gin, there goat. He was still alive, they put a bag over his head and shot him because he was suffering. They went back home to the farm. The house was a mess and out of order. Jet came walking into the barn and got through the food. They were happy to get them. Daisy got a phone call from Edmond, he said he was coming home Now that is how she lives now, happy with Edmond.

About the Award

How I Live Now has a Printz Award. Printz books can be non- fiction, fiction, poetry, and anthologies. The age group is 12- 18 years of age. The criteria is young adult literature. They are called, "best book written for teens." Represents young adult literature each year. There are four books nominated each year. It was named a after Michael L. Printz, a Topeka, Kansas school librarian. They began in 1997. He retired in 1994 and died two years later in 1996. Printz was a long time active member of the Young Adult Library Service Association. (YALSA)

About the Author

The author is Meg Rosoff. She was born in 1956 in Boston Massachusetts. Her family was Jewish. She attended Harford University in 1974. Then she moved to New York City where she worked in publishing and advertising. She published a lot of books that of awards. How I Live Now got its Printz award in 2005. Her other books that got awards were Just in Case, What I Was, and The Brides Farewell. In 1989 she returned to London and lived there ever since. Got diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004, the same week How I Live Now got published. How I Live Now got the Printz Award, Guardian Prize, Branford Boase Award, and made the Whitbread Awards shortlist.

My Thoughts

I liked the book, How I Live Now because it was full of adventure and friendship. Throughout the book there was times when they really trusted each other even though they just met each other. I really liked it but I don't really think a little kid would like it.