Andrew Jackson


The Trail of Tears

In the Southwestern United States there was a huge tribe of Cherokee Indians that were forced off their land because of the Removal Act passed by Andrew Jackson that allowed the US government to "exchange" their land with less desirable land west of the Mississippi river . They won their court case Worcester v. Georgia but Jackson ignored it a forced the the Cherokee to move west of the Mississippi river. In 1838 the Cherokee faced many hardships on their journey including illness, harsh weather, and even death of thousands on their way to Oklahoma where they still remain. Jackson forced them to move for their land for white settlers because it was rich in gold and had rich soil for growing cotton.

"Spoil System"

In the year of 1825, Jackson lost the election to John Q. Adams. After losing he knew he had to change the game first he change the rules of who had suffrage so that all white males could vote but that didn't work. He knew he didn't have many supporters or connections in Washington D.C. and didn't have a father that was a president to help him. So he used the spoil system which benefited his supporters with government job.Picture from:

Nullification Crisis

The Nullification crisis was when Andrew Jackson passed to tariff called the tariff of 1828 and the tariff of 1832. These tariffs made the south very angry and threatened to seceded if the Federal Government interferes with their nullification act. Then congress passed a bill called the Force Bill to make South Carolina to pay the taxes they owed, or Jackson could send the army to force them to. The Nullification Crisis was resolved when Henry Clay lowered the tariff enough for both regions to agree.

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Andrew Jackson: Good, Evil, and the Presidency
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This cartoon is of President Jackson abusing his power by disregarding the Supreme Court's ruling about the Cherokee Nation.

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