An interview with Mrs. Zoch

By: Jessica Navejas

About Coach/ Mrs. Zoch

Growing up Mrs. Zoch was an all around student athlete. She played any sport you can name Tennis, Track, Volleyball, Basketball, Softball, Powerlifting, and even Wrestling. While she was in high school, the school she went to they had an option to take classes that you would need to go into the certain career. She had been interested in science since she was a little girl. She had admired a previous teacher so she started taking classes for that.

(Picture is Coach Zoch in college)

How she became a teacher

Mrs. Zoch went to Sam Houston State in Huntsville,TX. She had her son and took a one year break from sports, but not from school. Meanwhile when she was on bed rest pregnant with her son, she was getting her UTA online. After she had her son, she went back to school she stopped doing sports but was determined to finish. She graduated with her bachelor of science degree in biology and Kinesiology. She at first started working at her old high school in Giddings,TX, but she had wanted to be a coach and a teacher. She was looking for a job that she could teach biology and being able to be a coach, luckily Elgin Middle school was offering her a really good deal. So she started at the middle school teaching 7th grade biology, and coached the 7th grade A team.


Now, she teaches biology for freshman and sophomores. She is very interactive with her students and she makes sure that you understand what she's teaching. She gives many examples so that everyone can relate to what she's teaching. She spends about $600 of her own a year on school supplies (not including stuff for labs). She said that one of the thing she dislikes about her job is all the hours, plus the hours of being a coach. She also says that one thing she wishes that could change is that everyone would want to be there. I was very inspired by Mrs. Zoch and I wish I could be as good as a teacher as she is.(Picture is science chemicals to represent her science)