Taelor Carter


I started photography when i was in second grade. I learned how to edit and add things to photos in girl scouts. I like to take pictures of nature because it's beautiful and peaceful. Photography is what i enjoy to do in my free time.

Cooking and Baking

I've cooked and baked most of my life. I always liked to help my mom stir the brownie mix. I sometimes cook dinner on the weekends and desserts for holidays. I can cook spaghetti, garlic bread, macaroni and cheese, breakfast tacos, pancakes, bacon etc. I enjoy mainly cooking deserts like carrot cake or cheese cake. I started to cook when i was in 1st grade.

Gymnastics ( Uneven Bars )

I started gymnastics when i was 8 years old. My first day i went to bars and right when i got on the bar i knew it was my event. Over the past 3 years I've moved up 4 levels. And it's been hard learning all these new skills on bars, but I've managed to do so. I've probably won 1st on bars than I've ever won on any of the other events. I hope to one day to go to college gymnastics and do bars.